Talking Gilbert & Sullivan, The Beano And Regular Show With Laura Howell

By Olly MacNamee From The Beano to The Regular Show, Laura Howell has quietly been working to build a career in comics that spans both sides of the pond as well as taking time to offer comic book workshops in schools and libraries around the Midlands here in the UK. As a local artist, this […]

The Beano's Numskulls Takes On Pixar's Inside Out

Inside this week's eighty-year running British weekly Beano comic book, we get a new edition of the strip that has been running since the seventies, The Numskulls. A strip about the people inside our head who control our every move and thought. And they have been to the movies… Because, yes, Inside Out has just […]

British Comics To Sponsor Kids TV Shows For A Year

CITV is a British children's TV station, run from the ITV stable of commercial channels, and in direct competition with the BBC channels CBBC and CBeebies and other commerical rivals such as Tiny Pops. I have two young daughters, I know this stuff. But what I didn't know was that DC Thomson was to start […]

ComiXology Goes Commando – And Beano

I've been having discussions with a number of comic book publishers who have told Bleeding Cool that digital comic book sales, rather than continuing to rise like most media, have been flattening out, finding a plateau and sticking there. Which is why, for a company like ComiXology, growth must come from adding more content and […]

Dennis The Menace Gets A Red And Gold Nose For Comic Relief

This Friday sees the launch of Red Nose Day, the Comic Relief telethon on the BBC that has already introduced my daughters to the concept of blindboxing thanks to the Red Nose offerings this year… Which is why we have bought twenty of the damn things so that they can get an astronaut red nose […]

Doctor Who: Listen, By Way Of Nigel Auchterlounie

Nigel Auchterlounie is a cartoonist who writes and draws the Dennis And Gnasher strip in British kids weekly comic, The Beano. He also watches Doctor Who. Then writes and draws what he remembers of it… including Daleks in most episodes. Here is the season so far, and last night's episode below…

Andy Murray To Guest Edit The Beano Comic

As the Wimbledon tennis season is upon us, Britain reached Andy Murray fever. Last year's British winner of the men;s Wimbledon tournament is a national hero. And now it is his turn to shine again. The Sunday Times obsesses on his ballet exercise regime. The BBC looks at his recent rescue of a dog on […]

Bananaman – Or Miracleman?

Kev F Sutherland is a stand up comedian, comedy show producer, sock puppeteer, comic book writer/artist and educator. When the London UKCACs came to an end, he put on the Bristol Comics Expo which survives to this day. And he arranged and presented the National Comics Awards with Mark Buckingham – the first comics show […]

Gnasher, Aardman Style

At the weekends, Beanotown at London's South Bank hold free workshops for kids. This weekend that consisted of Aardman Animator Jim Parkyn teaching kids how to make their own character models, in this case The Beano's Gnasher, as well as handing out animation software so they can create their own stop frame films. I took […]

Dennis Gets A Mega-Zine, And A Rival In Angel Face

Meet Angel Face, Dennis The Menace's rival who began appearing in the weekly Beano comic strip since last year, but is now making a jump to the new series of the Dennis The Menace TV cartoon on CBBC. Daughter of the school's headmaster, but who gets away with murder due to her innocent expression, she […]

When Beanotown Opened To The General Public Today. Including My Two.

So I went to the new Beanotown event at London's South Bank with the kids. Round the back of Queen Elizabeth Hall was the most remarkably, museum, playpen and culinary experience celebrating Britain's oldest comic book. And the oldest continually publishing in one volume comic book in the world. The Beano. It celebrates the current […]

The Dandy, The Phoenix And The MooseKid: An Interview With Jamie Smart

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool Jamie Smart has been one of my favorite comic creators for years. He's the man responsible for the wonderful Bear (He's Bear! He's Bear! He's made of human hair! You poke his nose and his head grows he's Bear! He's Bear! He's Bear!) and through that unleashing the most […]

Special Edition Of The Beano Annual For British Comedy Awards

The British Comedy Awards are being held tomorrow night. And a special edition of this year's Beano Annual hs been published for the event, showcasing a number of nominatedand presenting acts from Jonathan Ross to Miranda Hart to Harry Hill to… um… Michael McIntyre. And Dennis The Menace and Gnasher, of course. Only a thousand […]

British Comics On The Stamps Go On Sale Tomorrow

As Bleeding Cool previously reported, the British Royal Mail are releasing ten first class stamps, each celebrating a comic book character and the comic they appeared in, from Judge Dredd to Dan Dare to Dennis The Menace to Beryl The Peril. Wherever you live, you can order the stamps in a variety of presentation formats, […]

Tuesday Runaround – Sixty Years Of Menace

CrossoverWatch: Raven Gregory tells USA Today that he nicked the big Zenescope crossover from… every other crossover. "A fan of old-school Marvel Comics crossovers, Gregory came up with the idea to put all these realms and their denizens in a heap of trouble with a common enemy, and told Zenescope founders Joe Brusha and Ralph […]