A Very Digital Angoulême From ComiXology And Amazon

ComiXology have returned to Angoulême, the world’s biggest comic book festival, for their third year with a sale to spotlight comics, bandes dessinées (BD), graphic novels and manga from all over the world, both in English and French This international discount will apply through the festival until February 1st. And we’ll be following their adventures at the show […]

And Finally… Hurricane Hermann Arrives Ahead Of Angouleme

Next week sees the beginning of the world’s largest comic book art festival, in the French town of Angouleme. With the Grand Prix award going to either Alan Moore, Otomo or Hermann – or a last minute write-in vote for Charlie Hebdo. But could the weather have an influence on the voting process? Hurricane Hermann […]

Injured Cartoonist Riss To Take Over Editorship Of Charlie Hebdo

The French cartoonist Riss, real name Laurent Sourisseau, injured in the attack against Charlie Hebdo almost two weeks ago, will succeed the late cartoonist Charb as editor on the satirical cartoon magazone. 20 Minutes quotes current acting editor Gérard Biard as saying “There were two bosses Charlie Hebdo: Charb and Riss. Charb is no longer there, but […]

Hermann Declines Angoulême Grand Prix – Is It A Lock For Otomo? (UPDATE)

Yesterday, it was announced that the three finalists for the Angoulême Grand Prix award, which celebrates a comic book creator’s lifetime contributing to the form, were Alan Moore, Katsuhiro Otomo and Hermann. Moore had previously declined the nomination. And yesterday, Hermann also declined the nomination. If Moore continues to reject this year’s call, then it […]

Charlie Hebdo Reveals New Cover, Already On eBay For 49€

This is the cover to the memorial issue of Charlie Hebdo, to be published this  Wednesday. And for those unwilling to try and fight for copies, the kind folk on eBay will sell you a copy for over fifteen times its cover price… that’s $58 or £38… “All Is Forgiven”…

Alan Moore, Katsuhiro Otomo and Hermann Are Angoulême Grand Prix Finalists

Last year, the Angoulême Festival chose three finalists to win their Grand Prix Award for the show, and become their president at the festival for the next year. Alan Moore, Katsuhiro Otomo and Bill Watterson. Moore won but declined to be so honoured, and Watterson was duly voted in. Well, the judges have picked their top three […]

150 Creators On Charlie Hebdo Benefit Issue Of Spirou

Long standing French family-friendly comics anthology Spirou is publishing a special Charlie Hebdo tribute issue this Friday. It’s a strange shift in tone, as if The Simpsons were to promote Lost Girls. Oh, they did. The titular hero Spirou is the one who wears the Je Suis Charlie shirt, unveiled as Clark Kent might for Superman. […]

Charlie Hebdo To Print A Million Copies Of Next Issue (Google UPDATE)

As I hoped, there will indeed be a new issue of Charlie Hebdo out next week, despite the massacre in their offices yesterday morning. They will be printing a million copies. I get the feeling that won’t be nearly enough. There have been many cartoon tributes to the staff of the French satirical magazine since the […]

The Best-Selling Comic Of 2015 Has Just Been Scheduled

That’s rather short notice. The 36th Asterix comic book, to be written by Jean-Yves Ferri and Conrad, has been scheduled for this October. And the French comic book marketplace will rejoice. Their second book together, following 2013’s Asterix And The Picts, the script has already been written and is being drawn right now. There has currently […]

Bill Watterson’s Poster For Next Year’s Angoulême

Bill Watterson is President of next year’s Angouleme Comic Art Festival in France. For which he has drawn this poster. New Bill Watterson artwork is a rare and anticipated treat. I understand however that there is more to come… The show will have exhibitions of the work of both this year’s president and creator of Calvin […]

Macherot’s Chaminou Finally To See Re-Publication In France

A comic that the late comic creator/editor/translator/publisher Kim Thompson really wanted to publish, but was tied up in rights disputes, is going to be re-released in France. While he was working on translations on the Sybil-Anne books, Kim Thompson wrote copious editor’s notes on something entirely different, Chaminou by the comic creator Macherot, a book he really […]

Uderzo Family Settle Their Differences Over Asterix Legacy

After seven years not speaking to each other (and with a few lawsuits in the middle), a statement has been released stating that the co-creator of Asterix, Albert Uderzo and his wife Ada Uderzo have reconciled with their daughter Sylvie Uderzo, ending a seven-year conflict of legal proceedings. The announcement followed a ruling today from the Appeal Court of Versailles in […]

Airborne 44 To Be Published In English And French For D-Day Anniversary

French comics publisher Casterman is to simultaneously release the next volume of one of its biggest hit comics in May. Airborne 44 by Philippe Jarbinet is a war comic set in World War II and very successful series in the French market. ‘No Way Out’ is the brand new fifth album in the series but […]

Could We Get New Tintin Earlier Than We Thought?

Bleeding Cool previously reported on plans by Tintin publisher Casterman to publish a new volume one year before the character enters the public domain, despite reported wishes of Herge. But at Angoulême, the scene seemed to be set for an earlier return to new volumes for the famous Belgian character, possibly in light of the […]

Bill Watterson Wins Angoulême Grand Prix. Now, For Next Year…

Bill Watterson has won the Angoulême Grand Prix, giving the creator of Calvin & Hobbes membership of the Angoulême Academy and making him president of next year’s Angoulême comics festival. Which, for a comic creator often regarded as a bit of a hermit, makes for an interesting choice for the Academy. Naturally, he wasn’t on […]

Alan Moore Withdraws From Angoulême Grand Prix

So Alan Moore is one of the three main nominees for the Grand Prix of Angoulême, alongside Bill Watterson and Katsuhiro Otomo. Such an honour, the greatest in the comics industry, would see Moore made a member of the Angoulême Academy and President of next year’s festival. This accompanies the French release of Neonomicon, a […]

Over Four Hundred Twenty-Four Hour Comics At Angoulême

One of the amazing regular events at Angouleme is the twenty-four hour comic event, in which comic creators, professionals, amateurs and students all compete to put out a twenty-four page comic in one full day. Over four hundred of them. This year, the theme of the work was using image from comic creator Boulet‘s Instagram […]

Bob And Bobette Get A Modern Makeover

Bob And Bobette is a classic Belgian comic strip. It looks like this. Or rather it did. Because it’s getting a revamp and now looks… like this.   Quite a jump! Zombies must be next!