Ridley Scott Admits That He Cut Prometheus For Its Rating

Having said that he would cut Prometheus to make it widely releasable, Ridley Scott has now made it clear that, in fact, he did. In the UK, the film has been given a 15 rating, as opposed to an adults-only 18. There's no direct equivalent to these in the US, and both 15 and 18 […]

When The BBFC Tried To Understand And Then Classify David Lynch Films

Here's a nice couple of archive documents, released just now to coincide with a BFI retrospective of the work of David Lynch by the British Board of Film Censorsh…Classification. (Sorry, it's a mistake they can sometimes make it far too easy to make) One deals with Lynch's debut film, Eraserhead, and the other digs into […]

The Censors Finally "Pull Back" On Pulp Fiction And In The Realm Of The Senses

Amongst the multitude of options in censoring a film, besides the obvious removal of footage or the re-dubbing of dialogue, is the use of image cropping or artificial zooming. A shot can be re-framed throughout to remove part of the original information, or it might be subject to a "Ken Burns" style push-in that changes […]

Another Film Rejected By The BBFC – The Bunny Game. Here's The Trailer

The BBFC recently made headlines by refusing a certificate to The Human Centipede Part 2: Full Sequence. They've since allowed an 18 certificate for a heavily edited version of the film, but initially – for whatever it's worth now – they had said that the film was pretty much unreleasable and they didn't know how […]

Big List Of Deleted Scenes You Can Look Forward To On The Star Wars Blu-Rays

Several deleted scenes have entered Star Wars lore, little holy grails of flickering light that the fans have been waiting to see for decades. A few crept out along the way, on DVD supplements, in TV specials, in illicit midnight screenings in Washington DC parking garages (well, maybe) but we're about to hit the mother […]