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'McMafia': AMC Bringing Misha Glenny's Mob Book To Series

AMC was made an offer it couldn't refuse, closing a co-production pact with the BBC and securing North American broadcast rights for international organized crime thriller McMafia. Created by Hossein Amini (The Alienist) and James Watkins (The Woman In Black) from a script by Watkins and inspired by Misha Glenny's best-selling non-fiction book. McMafia will also […]

BBC Worldwide Confirms Animated Version Of The Power Of The Daleks

After much speculation — and a curious announcement tease — BBC Worldwide has confirmed it will release an animated version of the missing Doctor Who story The Power of the Daleks in November. The story, written by David Whitaker and directed by Christopher Barry, featured the first full appearance of Patrick Troughton as the Doctor; although, he […]

Home Video: Missing Doctor Who Story To Be Released in UK

Doctor Who has gaps in its history. Before the BBC could utilize episodes of what we now call the classic series commercially, the company routinely junked old recordings due to space considerations and the need to reuse videotape. Despite discoveries over the years, including the 2013 rediscovery of the Patrick Troughton era stories "The Enemy […]

BBC Asks Doctor Who Fans Not To Share Leaked Scripts

In a closing the barn door after the horses have escaped moment, BBC Worldwide has addressed the leaking of five season eight Doctor Who scripts to the internet. The scripts include the season premiere episode Deep Breath which is scheduled to air August 23rd. They have acknowledge the issue and said they are investigating: "a security […]

The Doctor Who Event That May Be A Lot Smaller On The Inside

There is a Doctor Who event called, well, The Doctor Who Event, happening later this year at the University of North Florida. The website promises an appearance by Sixth Doctor Colin Baker at the October show, as well as appearances from the IDW Doctor Who artist JK Woodward, Doctor Who Movie writer Matthew Jacobs and […]

IDW And BBC End Doctor Who Deal With The 50th Anniversary Comics

Everyone's favorite time-traveller is turning 50 and IDW Publishing along with BBC Worldwide aren't quite done celebrating yet. But after that… IDW and the BBC are done. IDW Publishing and BBC Worldwide will conclude their joint celebration of the Doctor's 50th anniversary with the release of a Doctor Who Special the final week of 2013. […]

Misfits Coming To America… Next Week

While production on the third series of Misfits is underway in the UK, and rumours continue to buzz around regarding a Stateside do-over, deals have been made to bring the original, dearly beloved British show across the Atlantic. The first two episodes will be made available via Hulu and Hulu Plus next Monday, June 20th. […]