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“The Watch”: Adam Hugill Set as Carrot in BBC America’s “Discworld” Adapt

Fans of the late Terry Pratchett‘s (Good Omens) epic comedy/fantasy book series “Discworld” have some good news coming their way, with Adam Hugill (Pennyworth) set to join BBC America‘s eight-episode series adaptation The Watch in a lead role. Written by Simon Allen (Strike Back, The Musketeers), the “punk rock” thriller focuses on City Watch as […]

“Killing Eve” Season 3 Production Underway; Harriet Walter, Danny Sapani Join Cast

It’s been “only” four months since BBC America and AMC’s Killing Eve released its second season, and now fans are already getting some good news about the third season of Phoebe Waller-Bridge‘s award-winning ratings juggernaut. With production currently underway, Harriet Walter (Succession, The Crown) and Danny Sapani (Harlots, The Crown) are set to join Sandra Oh and Jodie […]

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“Doctor Who”: Jodie Whittaker Celebrates Her Birthday as Only She Can

Our 13th Doctor – the talented, adorable, energetic, and authentic Jodie Whittaker – celebrated her 37th birthday this week – which raised a question. When you are a household name before the age of 40 and your face is plastered on toys, posters, comic books, and buses the world over, how do you celebrate your […]

"Luther" S05, Ep03:

“Luther” S05, Ep03: Alice Lights a Fire (SPOILER REVIEW)

John Luther (Idris Elba) is desperately searching for Alice (Ruth Wilson), who has triggered a bit of hostility from gangster George Cornelius (Patrick Malahide). George’s son has something in his ear, which has lead to a terminal headache, and Alice saunters away from the crime scene, quite pleased with her efforts. Luther takes Alice into […]

'Killing Eve' S02, Ep07: We're "Wide Awake" with Suspense! (PREVIEW)

“Killing Eve” Re-Imagined as Rom-Com by BBC

Killing Eve is one of those shows that gets you right on the edge of your seat, with amazing performances from Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, great writing, evocative locations, and a killer soundtrack. But what if that was all just a little different? BBC America has a lesson for all of us about the […]

“Orphan Black” is Back with Audio Series from Serial Box

Orphan Black will be coming back soon, with a series of audio dramas coming our way from Serial Box. The new Orphan Black installments are set about eight years after the series finale, and will continue the story of the “Clone Club”, a set of genetically engineered “sisters”, all of which were played brilliantly by […]

"Luther" S05, Ep2: Alice

“Luther” S05, Ep2: George and Alice Face Off (SPOILER REVIEW)

The second episode of this fifth season of Luther opens with a little trip back down memory lane, and we find out exactly how it is that Alice (Ruth Wilson) survived her run in with George Cornelius’ (Patrick Malahide) thugs. There is absolutely no finesse to the beat-down, it’s just brutal and quick. Flash forward […]

Doctor Who: What Needs to be Fixed to Make Series 12 Better

“Doctor Who”: Our Prescription for a Better Series 12 [OPINION]

Series 12 of BBC‘s Doctor Who is finally in production – and since it won’t be on the air until 2020, that means everyone gets to speculate on what it’ll be like. Series 11 was practically a new show – it had a completely new cast, new showrunner, new design and new composer. It was […]

'Luther' is Back with Squirm Inducing Season 5 Premiere (REVIEW)

‘Luther’ is Back with Squirm Inducing Season 5 Premiere (REVIEW)

It’s striking how little has changed for John Luther (Idris Elba) since the last time we saw him, five long, horrifying years ago. He’s still a dedicated lawman, doing whatever he has to to bring killers to justice. He’s still driving that old Volvo, and he still stalks the streets of London like the swagger […]

Who Chris Hemsworth Wants to Play James Bond

‘Luther’ Coming Back to BBC America THIS SUNDAY!

It’s been a long, long three years, but we’re finally about to get some new Luther in our lives. The BBC series will be returning with an all-new season of episodes starting on Sunday, June 2nd, and I know I’m more than ready for this show to kick my teeth in. Idris Elba returns as […]

'Killing Eve' S02, Ep04: Eve Prepares for Some "Desperate Times" (PREVIEW)

‘Killing Eve’ S02, Ep08: “You’re Mine” Caps off Deadly Season

After a clever, yet somewhat slow second season premier, Killing Eve is off and running with the assured pace of a show that knows exactly what it’s doing. The last episode, “Wide Awake”, saw Eve (Sandra Oh) entering a new phase of her downward spiral, as her fixation on Villanelle (Jodie Comer). Eve has been […]

'Killing Eve' S02, Ep07: We're "Wide Awake" with Suspense! (PREVIEW)

‘Killing Eve’ S02, Ep07: We’re “Wide Awake” with Suspense! (PREVIEW)

After the last episode of Killing Eve– “I Hope You Like Missionary!”, I think we’re all a little on edge waiting to find out what’s going to happen next with the oh-so-unpredictable thriller from BBC America. Villanelle (Jodie Comer) is helping Eve’s (Sandra Oh) Operation Mandalay get to the bottom of a series of murders […]