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“World Of Warcraft” Just Got The Rise Of Azshara Update

World Of Warcraft players will be happy to know the latest update for The Battle For Azeroth has dropped with Rise Of Azshara. You can read the finer details of the update here as we have screenshot and the trailer introducing you to what’s about to happen in the game. There’s a ton of content […]

Blizzard Unveils New World Of Warcraft Cinematic "Safe Haven"

Blizzard Unveils New World Of Warcraft Cinematic “Safe Haven”

Blizzard has unveiled a brand new cinematic video for World Of Warcraft focused on the Rise of Azshara storyline in Battle For Azeroth. The new video called “Safe Haven” focuses on Varok Saurfang, who realizes that in order to secure the Horde’s future and stabilize things for his people, he must venture out and reach […]

ICYMI: Here's What You Need to Know About WoW's Rise of Azshara

ICYMI: Here’s What You Need to Know About WoW’s Rise of Azshara

In case you missed the content preview stream on April 11th, Blizzard’s Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel used the stream to lay out exactly what World of Warcraft players can expect from the next major chapter in the Battle for Azeroth cycle. You can watch the full stream here or keep reading for the highlights. New Zone: […]

Blizzard Reveals First Pages from the World of Warcraft Comic, Plus a Writer Q&A

Blizzard Entertainment has released a glimpse at some of the early pages of the World of Warcraft comic, alongside a pre-prepared Q&A with writer Matt Burns. The comic, called The Speaker, is a 10-page short that explores the dwarven king Magni Bronzebeard’s role in the events coming to WoW in the near future. Matt Burns is a Senior […]

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World of Warcraft’s Class System is Getting an Overhaul in Battle for Azeroth

You may have already known that World of Warcraft is doing away with the traditional raid class sets in the upcoming Battle For Azeroth expansion, but Blizzard has given us more details on the changes they’ll be implementing to balance the classes and make them more unique, including new abilities and some changes to the talent system. Essentially, the […]