Batman #85

Batman 85

Mikel Janin Shows Off Pages From Batman #85 at CCXP

Comic Con Experience, also known as CCXP, is a Brazilian multi-genre entertainment and comic convention. It is based on the San Diego Comic-Con event and has attractions and contents about comics, TV series, movies, video games, literature and internet. They say that it's the largest pop culture festival in the world, but that means that […]

Batman and Kite Man Walk Into a Bar in Tom King's Final Batman #85

At New York Comic Con, Tom King told Den Of Geek about his then-planned ending to Batman, "I think I still might do a scene. I really want to do a scene with Batman and Kite Man in a bar, just drinking beers. At Porky's bar, of course. I had a big debate, should it […]

Tom King's Final Issues Of Batman in December

This is How Tom King's Batman Ends… Not With a Bang, But With a POW!

Originally he would have written Batman up to #105. That was the plan. To tell one very long Batman story, one idea, one movement, the story of Batman, Catwoman – and Bane, telling the kind of story he has told in The Vision, Mister Miracle and Omega Men, but over 100+ issues, and in doing […]