Now Is The Time To Buy The Original Godzilla On Criterion Blu-Ray And DVD

Ishiro Honda's original Gojira is still the greatest, most incredible and credible, richest and determined movie in the entire Kaiju genre. Right now, you can get Criterion's amazing special edition from Amazon for just $16.99. The Blu-ray is Zone A, the DVD is Region 1, so importers be aware. Included on the disc are David […]

Brits Get Two Tickets At Cineworld For £8 With Simply Tap

Simply Tap is a new app for your smart device. Install it, hand over all your credit card details (I know) and you can buy stuff with "tap codes" – a cute version of QRs – often with discount. The big one for their launch is two-for-one on Cineworld tickets. Or rather two-for-£8 to avoid […]

Now Is The Time To Buy The Full Battlestar Galactica Set

With an amazing over-$200 reduction from RPP, I really think now is the time to get the Battlestar Galactica Complete Series Blu-ray set, especially if, like me, you've been thinking about getting set up for a full-on rewatch from top to bottom. Do note that this price is for a Gold Box deal, available only […]

Now Is The Time To Buy The Shining On Blu-Ray

Recently, it looked for a moment like some long-lost scenes from The Shining had resurfaced… but then it became clear that they hadn't. Steady your anticipation of a new, special edition Blu-ray, then. Besides, the one that's already in stores is pretty special enough. And now, really rather cheap. Amazon in the US have cut […]

Now Is The Time To Get Your Bargain Once Upon A Time In The West Blu-Ray

The all-region Blu-ray of uber-Western Once Upon a Time In The West is going cheap at right now, at just $10.49. Arguably Sergio Leone's masterpiece, it's an amazing piece of epic, ambitious cinema and really benefits from HD and superb audio, much more dramatically so than many other films. Perhaps this is why Paramount took […]