Four TV Spots and Three Banners For ‘Dunkirk’

A bunch of new micro TV spots for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming war movie Dunkirk. The little bits of footage highlight the need for survival and the the fact that time is of the essence. They subtly hit to this by making a ticking clock a common theme throughout the marketing. The reality of horrifying this […]

First Look At Evil Dead Poster And “Grasping” Logo From Comic-Con

All of the Sony movie posters and banners at Comic Con this year contain hashtags. In the case of the Evil Dead, they’re suggesting #NECRONOMICON. I did a quick search and nobody is using it yet. So do Bleeding Cool a favour and tweet a link to this post using that hashtag, why don’t you? […]

man of steel

Superman’s New S Shield – First Look At Man Of Steel’s Movie Logo

Superman’s shield has had a little bit of an overhaul, with an extra layer of relief, some more serif noodling and a surface like something that’s been set on fire. What, if anything, these details tell us about the upcoming Man of Steel movie is anybody’s guess. The image appeared on the film’s Facebook page.

Big Banner From X-Men: First Class, UK Release Date News

Click through on the banner above to make it good and big. We have Fox here in the UK to thank for this one. Now then. At my local Vue tonight, I saw several pieces of marketing material telling me that X-Men: First Class will now be getting released on May 30th. That’s a Monday, […]

Two Animated Banners For Sucker Punch

Welcome to Sucker Punch world. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you explore the official site of Zack Snyder’s next, you’ll be able to find two animated banners playing away in the background. One of them is easy to come across – it sort of falls in your lap – the other, less so […]