Our First Look At Rick Remender, Jonathan Wayshak And Jordan Boyd’s Devolution

At the Baltimore Diamond Retail Summit, Dynamite announced that Rick Remender, Jonathan Wayshak and Jordan Boyd‘s Devolution is set to launch in January. The book has been a long time coming since it was first announced , gone through at least one artistic change but now it is coming, honest. And here’s a little look… And a Jae Lee […]

Giant Days Is Now An Ongoing Series, And More Over The Garden Wall For 2016

In June, Bleeding Cool let you know that the six issue Giant Days series by John Allison and Lissa Treiman Boom! was now a 12 issue series. Well, at the Baltimore Diamond Retail Summit, as well as Kyle Higgins on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,  the Jonesy book and the reduction in the size of the line, Boom! let the […]

Action Lab Says To Retailers, Buy January, Get February Free

At Baltimore Comic Con and retailer summit, as well as announcing their new ratings system, Action Lab Entertainment, publishers of Princeless, Molly Danger and Zombie Tramp announced a new promotion for comic book retailers. They will average the amount of books each store ordered every month in 2015, and then for every store that matches than number […]

Boom! Studios To Shrink Their Line By 15% In 2016 (Innovator Program UPDATE)

As well as announcing the new mini-series Jonesy, Boom! Studios took a different tack to Action Lab Comics at Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit yesterday. While Action Lab boasted of a 6000% increase in sales over five years, Boom was promising a 15% decrease in product for 2016. Though din’t mistake that for a fall in […]

‘Retailers Are A Cowardly And Superstitious Lot… I Will Become A Barger’

So last night at the Baltimore Diamond Retail Summit, retailers had a four hour dinner during which publishers paid to make presentations to them. After 14 hours of panels, and presentations, the natives were getting restless. But as the last presenter Ski, DC Comics’ VP Of Sales for the Direct Market, began his presentation the […]

Dark Horse To Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of Aliens, And More (Eltingville UPDATE)

Next year sees the 30th anniversary of the movie Aliens, and the 28th anniversary of Dark Horse publishing Aliens comic books as well as the 30th anniversary of the publisher itself. So you might be expecting some anniversary Aliens projects? That’s what Dark Horse suggested to retailers at the Baltimore Summit yesterday. To follow up their […]

Diamond’s Best Practice Awards For Fall 2015 – The Comic Store, Gosh Comics, Dragon’s Lair And Comic City

Handed out at the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit yesterday, the Diamond Best Practice Awards for comic book retailers… Best Charity Fundraiser The Comic Store – Lancaster, Pennsylvania Lancaster Online reports… The money raised from the additional purchases goes toward buying graphic novels for the Lancaster County Bookmobile…. The county library system told Miller how the Bookmobile […]

Master Of Kung Fu To Get Four Omnibuses, Beginning In 2016 (Visual UPDATE)

Yesterday, at the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit, Marvel Comics committed to publishing the entirety of the Master Of Kung Fu in a series of four Omnibuses. The series was created after Marvel failed to get the rights to the Kung Fu TV show, but did get the rights to the character Fu Manchu. So Marvel […]

DC Comics Ask You To Colour In Your Own Covers, In January (Dave Johnson UPDATE)

Marvel have the Color Your Own trademarked line of black-and-white colouring-in comics. IDW is launching a Locke & Key colouring-in book. The comic book industry is waking up to the adult colouring-in craze right now. And in January, DC Comics will launch a themed variant line of black and white covers, not the usual “black-and-white” […]

Rick Remender’s Devolution, Finally Out In January 2016, Honest.

It’s been announced repeatedly since 2012, before going on hiatus, and then being rejigged for publication with new artists. But now, honest-to-goodness, Devolution by Rick Remender, Jonathan Wayshak and Jordan Boyd will be out from Dynamite in January, as announced at the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit. See more Baltimore Summit coverage right here.

Kyle Higgins Writes Mighty Morphin Power Rangers For Boom In 2016

There's a midnight screening of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie tonight. I'm tempted — Kyle Higgins (@KyleDHiggins) September 20, 2013 Entertainment Weekly have the PR scoop, but it’s also just been mentioned at the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit. Kyle Higgins will be writing the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic from Boom, from January 2016 […]

A Sneak Peek At Jessica Jones, From Baltimore Summit

Retailers at the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit got a very sneak peek at the new Jessica Jones TV show from Marvel and Netflix…. Along with the reminder that the Alias comic it is based on is available, complete, with a new trade dress – and a new name to match.See more from the Baltimore Summit, […]

Chelsea Cain To Write Ongoing Mockingbird Series from Marvel In 2016

Okay, no that’s not Mockingbird, that’s a Gwenpool sketch taken at the Diamond Baltimore Retailer Summit. But it was announced that Chelsea Cain who wrote the recent Mockingbird SHIELD 50th Anniversary Special and managed to merge both her Marvel Comics ex-husband and her Marvel Studios ex-husband together, will be writing a Mockingbird ongoing series for […]