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First Look At The Young Cast Of The Infinite ‘Avatar’ Sequels

The James Cameron Avatar movies are happening one way or another. It doesn’t seem like anyone really asked for them, but here we are. Filming has started on the second movie, and 20th Century Fox has shown a picture of the young members of the cast who have just signed over most of their childhoods to […]

Avatars 2, 3 And 4 Set For Production This Fall, Says Weaver

Roger “Wolverine” Friendman has caught up with Sigourney Weaver at the premiere of her USA Network show, Political Animals, and talk turned to the Avatar sequels. According to Weaver, three sequels are set to film this autumn (well, “film”) but she has no idea “how long it will take.” Weaver has already said that she’s […]

Avatar Sequels To Film In France? New Zealand? The Bottom Of The Ocean?

According to an interview with James Cameron by New Zealand’s ONE News, he’s decided to buy a farm on the Island and is going to move on down there to shoot Avatar 2 and 3. I’ve bought some property not far from Wellington, it’s a beautiful farm… I don’t think the nation should look to […]