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You Can Play Large Scale Jenga In Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is a great facilitator of many things. Explosions, carnage and even peacful wingsuit flying. However, did you know that with some effort, it can be a great facilitator of Jenga too? As demonstrated by YouTube user teamcream (via Game Informer), just using your grappling hook and a helicopter, you can create the most ridiculous version […]

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Just Cause 3 Developer Currently Working On Game's Performance Issues

I really quite enjoyed my time with Just Cause 3, however, one thing that is hard to avoid is that the game does not run particularly well. There are many performance issues in all the versions of the game. This isn't lost on Avalanche Studios either. Taking to Steam, the developer explained it knew of the […]

Just Cause 3 Review – Viva La Evolución!

Just Cause has been a weird series. It's never quite felt as significant as it should, but it still sits comfortably the AAA world. One thing that its predecessor did though was be justa ton of fun. The grappling hook and parachute combo made Rico Rodriguez mobile at such a pace that few third person […]

Catch The First Hour Of Just Cause 3 Right Here

I've actually been lucky enough to play around three hours of Just Cause 3, and I had a really good time with it. It seems to be the logical progression for the franchise, building on the great ideas from the last one. You can see a very sizable chunk of what I was privy too, […]

Just Cause 3 Calls Upon Kasabian In New Cinematic Trailer

Just Cause 3 will be one of the final 'big' games of the holiday release period, coming to us bang ong December 1st. It promises to be a hell of an explosive closer too. To highlight that, take a look at this new trailer that has hit today. It's simply titled 'Kasabian trailer', and… well […]

Get A Look At Just Cause 3 In Its 4K Glory

I got to play about three hours of Just Cause 3 a few weeks ago, and I was pretty impressed. It is the next logical step for the series as best as I can tell, and it is as fun as ever to set up explosive slapstick scenarios. The game also looks pretty too, and […]

New 360 Video Keeps The Action Coming For Just Cause 3

Adam Cook writes for Bleeding Cool… Avalanche Studios has affected some kind of voodoo magic onto YouTube again, and made a video showing off the wingsuit experience of Just Cause 3. What's so special, I hear you ask: well, you can change the camera using the on-screen controls, moving around Rico as he flies around […]

Just Cause 3 Trailer Shows Rico Taking Back His Home

Just Cause 3 is going to be one of the last major AAA games released this year. It should prove to be a bit of an explosive night cap to the last 12 months, judging by the what's been put out already. Case in point, this new story trailer, which focuses on the story of the […]

Just Cause 3 Gets A 360 Trailer Showing You The Fun Of A Wingsuit

360 trailers seem all the rage at the moment. We've seen quite a few hit recently, giving viewers the chance to either use their phones like a VR headset or just drag a video around to see everything. Well, Avalanche Studios have now thrown their hat into the fight with this new trailer that lets […]

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Just Cause 3 File Size Revealed

I like to keep a tab on file sizes before games come out now a days. Games are so big, and at least on consoles, hard drive space is at a premium. If you plan on buying the game, make sure you have 42.5 GB of free space going. That's according to the Xbox website anyways, […]

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These Sticky Rockets In Just Cause 3 Look Like A Lot Of Fun

Just Cause 3 really seems to have a focus on giving you a playground to cause destruction in. It looks like a ton of fun, and I'm continually surprised at the tools Avalanche Studios have given the player to mess around with. For a demonstration of that, take a look at this 10 minute video […]

Fight The Powers At Be In This New Just Cause 3 Mission Trailer

Just Cause 2 was more or less renowned for its open world that let you just run riot in. In fact, I know a ton of people who adored the game, but very few who completed the story. That aspect always felt a little lacklustre and distracted from the fun of causing destruction around the […]

Just Cause Developer Diary Talks About The Game's Huge World And Mods

Just Cause 2 was a sandbox of a game. In fact, it might well be the most 'sand box-y' game I've ever played. The campaign disappeared for me in favor of just going nuts on the island and causing havoc. It seems that fascination with destruction and ludicrous situations will continue in Just Cause 3, […]

Mad Max Review – This Engine Roars Impressively But Needs More Bite

Mad Max is a 'ferocious' series. That word perfectly encapsulates the franchise's focus on a hostile wasteland, punk styling and weathered but powerful muscle cars. Everything fits together as a cohesive whole, and it's some of the more striking post-apocalyptic imagery of yesteryear. In a lot of ways, that's what Mad Max, the new game […]

The Mad Max Game Takes You Down The Fury Road

I have to say… if you spend the weekend watching Mad Max: Fury Road and then the rest of the time playing the Mad Max video game… you may just end up having a lot of violent urges while driving to work on Monday morning. The guys at Avalanche Studios did an amazing job of […]

Mad Max Gets Exclusive Hood Ornaments On PlayStation 4 In New Trailer

Console exclusive content is usually a little silly, and amounts to little but tat. I mean, Hawkmoon in Destiny is one of the big console exclusive content I've chased in the last few years, but usually it doesn't amount to much. And thus we come to Mad Max's exclusive PlayStation 4 content. In this new […]

Win Your Own Island With Just Cause 3 Competition

Well, as stunt PR things go, here is one worth a headline. Square Enix are offering players of Just Cause 3 the chance to win an island. Yeah, you're very own real life island (asterix, asterix asterix). To enter you have to pre-order the Day 1 edition of the game and live in the United […]

New Mad Max TV Spot Focuses On The Car Carnage To Come

It's interesting to see Mad Max has held firm in its position to come out the same day as Metal Gear Solid V. It's a bold move, but looking at the calendar, I think it is the most logical choice to stick to their guns. Hopefully if the game is good, it will speak for […]