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Into the Dark: Teaser (Official) • A Hulu Original

Two More ‘Into the Dark’ Episodes Get Premiere Dates on Hulu

Into the Dark, the year-long horror series on Hulu from Blumhouse, has set debut dates for two more episodes. I’m Just F*cking With You will debut on April 1st, while All That We Destroy will premiere on May 5th. The former will be set around April Fool’s Day, while the latter will be an Earth Day […]

Into The Dark The Body Poster

Into the Dark “The Body” Review: Add it to Your Halloween Viewing List

Blumhouse Television sure has made a name for itself this year. Sharp Objects was a huge hit on HBO, The Purge has made a successful transition to TV, and many other series are coming, and not all of them are horror. Horror is their bread and butter though, and the new year-long anthology series Into […]

Into The Dark The Body Poster

Into The Dark Film ‘The Body’ Gets a Trailer, Debuts Friday on Hulu

Into the Dark, the new Hulu horror series produced by Blumhouse, debuts its first film on October 5th. ‘The Body’ will follow a hitman trying to transport a body on Halloween night. Following this one, Into the Dark will debut a new film every month for an entire year, each focusing on a different holiday. […]