Mr. Hammond’s ‘Jurassic Park’ Amber-Tipped Cane Sold for $32K

Another one of those iconic movie props I would LOVE to own: John Hammond’s dinosaur bone amber-topped cane from Jurassic Park as carried by Sir Richard Attenborough. The amber top has much significance for the first Jurassic Park film; the mosquito being the key component in bringing the dinosaurs to life. The cane sold for $32,000 (USD). The listing […]

This Life-Sized Judge Dredd Figure Sold For $48k

Profiles in History continued their auction with a life-sized Judge Dredd figure, wearing the signature uniform as designed by Gianni Versace.  It sold for a whopping $48,000 (USD). Listed in the catalogue as: 1705. Sylvester Stallone “Judge Dredd” life-size figure from Judge Dredd. (Hollywood, 1995) Original detailed life-size figure measuring approx. 73.5 x 33 x 16 in. […]

Marty McFly’s BTTF II Hoverboard Sells for $28K

Another awesome item sold during the Profiles in History Icons & Legends of Hollywood auction is one that Back to the Future fans will no doubt be interested in. Marty McFly’s Mattel hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II sold for $28,800 (USD) during day three of the auction. The official listing for the item […]

Jamie Lee Curtis true lies

Jamie Lee Curtis’s Little Black Dress from ‘True Lies’ Sold for $3K

Yesterday during Profiles in History’s Icons & Legends of Hollywood auction, a costume worn by Jamie Lee Curtis during True Lies sold. Specifically, her little black dress from THAT ONE SCENE, where Helen Tasker (Curtis’s character) has to “seduce” someone… you know, her husband. The black velvet garment sold for $3,520 (USD) during day three of the auction. […]

Kurgan’s Sword From Highlander Sold for $10k, Ramirez Katana for $15k

Some other interesting items that we were keeping an eye on during Profiles in History’s Icons & Legends of Hollywood auction this time around included some pretty fabulous swords. Specifically, a pair from Highlander. Sean Connery‘s Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez katana and Clancy Brown‘s Kurgan blade. The Ramirez sword went for  $15,360 (USD). 1101. Sean Connery “Ramirez” katana from Highlander. (Thorn […]

Blade Runner Prop Gun Sells for $41k, Snake Plissken’s MAC-10 for $20k

During Profiles In History’s auction today a prop blaster from Blade Runner and Snake Plissken’s MAC-10 came up. The blaster, of course, is iconic — Harrison Ford‘s character Rick Deckard uses it to retire replicants past their shelf life. It went for $41,100 (USD). The listing for the item read: 960. Harrison Ford “Rick Deckard” prop blaster […]

Ripley’s ‘Alien’ Space Suit Goes for $204k, ‘Aliens’ Flamethrower for $108k

Ellen Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) is perhaps the greatest female character in all of science fiction history. First appearing in Sir Ridley Scott‘s seminal 1979 film Alien, she returned to head three additional films in the space franchise. Two items of Ripley’s were up at auction today during Profiles In History’s Icons & Legends In Hollywood, and […]

Helen Slater’s Supergirl Costume Sells for $20,480 at Auction

Profiles In History’s 4 day long Icons & Legends in Hollywood auction has something for everyone, day two specifically speaking to Superman and Supergirl collectors. Helen Slater‘s costume from the 1984 film Supergirl just sold for $$20,480 (USD) during the auction.  The costume was complete with cape, belt, and boots. This one just happens to be […]

Ursa’s Jumpsuit from Superman II Sells for $8,500

Even more Profiles in History auction goodness to report on today, especially if you’re a fan of Superman.  There were several items listed in day two’s Icons & Legends of Hollywood that pertain to our favorite last son of Krypton, but one of the pieces from Superman II really caught my eye. Namely, Sarah Douglas‘s Ursa costume from Superman […]

Cesar Romero’s The Joker Suit Sells for $89,600 at Auction

Profiles in History began their Icons & Legends of Hollywood auction today, the first of three days parceling out pieces of cinema history to the highest bidder. One of the top-tier items from today’s selection of pieces (540 to be exact) was Cesar Romero‘s The Joker costume from Batman. Originally estimated to bring in somewhere between […]

russell crowe art of divorce auction

Russell Crowe is Holding an Auction via Sotheby’s Called “The Art of Divorce”

You know you’ve always wanted to own a piece of Hollywood, and Russell Crowe‘s “The Art of Divorce” auction through Sotheby’s Australia might just be your chance. The Oscar-winning actor is going through the last steps in finalizing a divorce from almost-former-wife Danielle Spencer. Crowe has said this auction is to “create some space for the future” […]

You Could Own Elvis Presley’s Private Jet In All Its Red Velvet Shag Carpeted Glory

I happen to know someone that this 1962 Lockheeed Jetstar would be pretty perfect for, although he has temporary use of another jet at the moment.  That aside, I’m a complete sucker for an unusual auction, and this one fits that bill just fine, in all its Elvis-pedigreed, red-crushed-velvet glory.  One can almost overlook the fact […]

And You Thought Cereal Boxes Were Just For The Toys Inside

The worlds of trading cards, comics, coins, and stamps have all long been known as collector’s havens, but there’s another one out there that’s been historically fairly niche and that might now be changing: Cereal Box Collecting. Yup, we’re talking that box on the morning breakfast table that you fish around in for the toy surprise […]

Star Wars Collectible Heaven Is A Fun Way To Spend A Saturday

As an avid Star Wars collector, you are always on the lookout for anything and everything, every opportunity to add to your collection. Nothing is more thrilling than to come across a huge amount of collectibles all in one place, and that was precisely how I got to spend my Saturday morning. I attended a […]

National Cartoonists Society To Hold Annual Original Art Auction

The National Cartoonist Society, an organization started in 1946 and presenters of the annual Reuben award for Cartoonist of the Year, is holding their annual benefit auction. Proceeds from the auction go to the NCS Foundation, the part of the NCS that focuses on raising money to help aspiring cartoonists with education and scholarships and to provide […]

Rare Disney Auction Offers Chance To Unlock Secret Mysteries, Shop For Holidays

Inferno may have sort-of flopped at the box office in October, but aspiring Robert Langdons have something to look forward to this December 9th. Profiles in History, an auctioneer of Hollywood memorabilia, is holding an “Animation And Disneyana Auction” that day, featuring dozens of highly sought-after Disney artifacts that almost certainly contain hidden symbology that will […]

The Largest Frank Frazetta Sale Ever, On This Friday

Most of the work of legendary illustrator Frank Frazetta is sold privately these days. Recent sales include a Conan The Destroyer painting for $1.5 million, Conan The Conqueror for $1 million. The cover to Weird Fantasy #29 sold for $380,000, while a John Carter/Swords of Mars painting sold for $350,000. On December 11th, Profile In History will be auctioning […]

Frank Frazetta Superman Sketch Sells For Over $35,000

It was estimated at selling between $10-$20,000 at a recent auction at Hake’s. But this Superman sketch by Frank Frazetta sold for a lot more, $35,420.   The auction also saw another Superman piece, a rare Superman linen-mounted one-sheet for the movie serial released by Columbia in 1948, sell for $16,761. While the Official Green Hornet Working Black Beauty Dashboard boxed Remco […]

Tintin Page Sells For Over $1,700,000 At Auction, Breaking World Record

It had a high estimate of under a million dollars. But the Sotheny auction of comic book artwork and ephemera saw this double page from Tintin And The Sceptre Of Ottokar by Herge sell for 1,563,000 Euros or $1,706,374. This is a world record price for such a double page spread of comic book artwork.   That’s a […]