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'Soulfire' Returns to Aspen Comics in June with Krul and Forte

Veteran Soulfire writer J.T. Krul and new illustrator Raffaele Forté are teaming up for all-new stories in the Soulfire saga this June! Soulfire is back with its biggest story-and greatest challenge to its heroes ever! Grace and Malikai have fought together to bring magic back to a world of technology, but now Grace is convinced […]

Nu Way #1 cover by Alex Konat and John Starr

Nu Way #1 [Late] Review: Beautiful Art, Strong Premise, a Little Too Much Cliché

It is the year 2051. Gladiatorial combat is back in fashion, and there are two tiers: normal humans and cybernetically enhanced humans. Zihao is a normal human being hoping to impress enough to receive enhancements and be kicked up to the next level of fighting. He captures the attention of Jasper Carrington, whom employs his […]

Soulfire Vol. 7 #1 cover by Chahine Ladjouze and Wes Hartman

Soulfire Vol. 7 #1 Review: Fun with Sci-Fi and Fantasy

A man enters the tomb of a dragon with designs upon harnessing its power. We then turn to Grace and Morningstar evading a pair of jets during a flight. In San Francisco, Sonia tests out a pair of artificial wings with the help of Malika. Grace returns soon after, and she isn't happy with the […]

Jirni Vol. 3 #3 cover by Michael Sta. Maria

Jirni Vol. 3 #3 Review: A Bland Protagonist in a Somewhat Creative Fantasy Setting

Ara, Kaspar, and Tongo fly on their airship in search of Kaspar's vessel. Ara reflects on the fate that befell her homeland and, she believes, her own mother. In reality, her mother, Luna, is elsewhere and being controlled by a malicious and vile man named Torinthal. Jirni Vol. 3 #3 is another fairly conventional fantasy […]

Mythos Studios michael turner

Mythos Studios Wants to Build the Next Marvel with the Comics of Michael Turner

Music business manager Scooter Braun and entertainment executive David Maisel have teamed up to form Mythos Studios, with hopes of creating the next Marvel Cinematic Universe using the works of the late Michael Turner. The plans were featured in an article in the New York Times today. Braun is a manager and record label owner […]

Charismagic Vol. 3 #2 cover by Harvey Talibao and Federico Blee

Charismagic Vol. 3 #2 Review: A Magically Fun Read

Sudana goes out to recruit Jerry while Hank and Sparkles come to grips with Hank losing his powers. Hank and Sparkles receive help from an unlikely source and embark upon a trip that may help Hank. The Order are in the process of punishing a perpetrator when Samsun arrives to wreak havoc upon them. Disclaimer: […]

New Series Portal Bound, Charismagic And Shrugged Starting New Volumes Aspen February 2018 Solicits

Portal Bound, from creators Mark Roslan (Darkness, Witchblade), Gabe Carrasco (Fathom, Lola XOXO), and Alex Arizmendi  (Secret Empire: Brave New World, Venomverse: War Stories) is being launched by Aspen in February of 2018. In addition, Aspen is putting out the first issues of the third volumes of Charismagic by Vince Hernandez and Shrugged by Frank Mastromauro as well as the hardcover collections of their second volumes.   PORTAL […]


Bubblegun #4 Review: Doesn't Really Offer Anything New To The Sci-Fi Genre

In a dystopian cyber-punk future where corporations rule, robots patrol the streets, and it always looks like night time, a group of renegade heroes challenge the status quo by being a bit zany and ultraviolent. Among many other stories and properties, this plot describes Bubblegun. This latest issue finds their android friend, Asher, captured by […]


All-New Fathom #7 Review: What If Aquaman Were George Soros?

I originally knew Fathom as those swimsuit-cover comics from the local comic shops I go to (Heroes in Newnan and Dr. No's in Marietta, plugged!). They weren't for me. I don't go for cheesecake; it's one of the many things that turns me off to the Harley Quinn comic. Reading All-New Fathom #7, I was […]

John Carpenter's 'The Thing' Commemorative Art Book At SDCC

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the horror classic by film legend John Carpenter, The Thing. The film, which starred Kurt Russel, Keith David, and Wilford Brimley, is easily among the most influential horror movies ever made and, alongside the equally influential Halloween and Escape from New York, helped launch John Carpenter's directorial career into […]

40 Photos And A Recap Of Day 3 Of Stan Lee's Comikaze 2015

By Michele Brittany, SoCal Correspondent Sunday, November 1 marked the third and final day of Stan Lee's Comikaze, held in the West and South Halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Parking on the third day proved challenging; many of the street parking lots have been bulldozed for new buildings, so more attendees were vying […]

SDCC '15: Industry Editors Provide An Insider View And Advice On Editing

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Correspondent Aspen Comics' Editor-in-Chief and VP Vince Hernandez moderated the panel Comic Industry Editorial Panel – 2015 and gathered together several editors together for an hour's opportunity where the audience could ask questions about the editorial process. Making up the panel of experts included Chris Ryall, IDW's Editor-in-Chief; Barbara Kesel, […]

ACBC Watch: Visit Aspen Comics For Exclusives And More

Planning to attend the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con this week? If the answer is yes, then be sure to add Aspen Comics to your list of exhibits to check out. The publisher will be located at Booth #925 on the show floor, and you can look for Aspen President Frank Mastromauro (Shrugged), co-owner Peter Steigerwald […]

Aspen Comics Celebrates Black History Month With Website And Social Media Campaign

Throughout the month of February, Aspen Comics will be celebrating Black History Month by pointing the spotlight on Black creators with whom they've collaborated. This will occur three times a week on their website, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, along with the creator's picture. Put together by Fathom: Sourcebook writer Tabu, there will be a showcases […]

Aspen Comics Talks New Titles At Long Beach Comic Expo

By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Founded in 2003 by Michael Turner, Aspen Comics is one of the larger publishers on the West Coast with their flagship titles being the long-running series, Fathom and Soulfire. Saturday afternoon several of the publishers' key personnel were on hand for the Official Aspen Comics Long […]

Let's get Grump out of bed

Alex Wilson writes for Bleeding Cool: Beth Sotelo (colorist for Aspen Comics) started a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund her creator owned title, Grump. This 40 page book geared toward age 10 and up has an interesting premise. Most neighborhoods have that one crazy house. It's wood is rotting. Weeds are flourishing. No matter what […]