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Daniel Govar Talks Civil War Storyboards And Kickstartered Lovecraft At C2E2

Makarim Salman is at C2E2 for Bleeding Cool, Daniel Govar is at Table R17 all weekend. “I’m currently working on a comic: Lovecraft. It currently doesn’t have a publisher attached right now but that will change soon. It was a wildly successful Kickstarter.” “I’m doing some storyboards for television projects right now, and I’ve also been […]

NYCC ’15 – One Last Run Around

By Joe Glass One thing with reporting on NYCC, or any comic con really, is that you find yourself so busy running around to panels that you want to report on that you wind up missing a lot of the show in terms of the show floor and Artists Alley. In my case this time, […]

DeviantArt Speaks About Pulling Out Of San Diego Artist Alley Sponsorship

Online art creation facilitator DeviantArt has sponsored Artists’ Alley at San Diego Comic Con for the last four years, adding plush carpet and helping it be the destination location it deserves to be, as the heart and soul of the show. This year, however, they will not be attending or sponsoring the area. Comic-Con sent […]

ComiXology Sponsors Artists Alley At C2E2

ComiXology Submit,  is sponsoring Artist Alley at this weekend’s C2E2 convention, and to celebrate, comiXology is giving away special limited edition posters each day of the show from April 24th through April 26th at the McCormick Center in Chicago, IL. These posters feature Fabian Rangel Jr.’s comiXology Submit smash hitDoc Unknown as rendered by superstar […]

WonderCon ’15 – Over 100 Shots Of Day 3 Including Artists Alley

For an Easter Sunday, WonderCon today was kicking. You might expect that the holiday would mean things were a bit more subdued, but if you’ve been to WonderCon before on an Easter Sunday, you know that locally it’s kind of a tradition to bring the family to the convention in the afternoon. Panels were full […]

47 Photos Of Artists Alley At New York Comic Con

Courtesy of Christine Stephan, we can take you on an Artists Alley walk at New York Comic Con, without the crowds that actually made the Alley a little difficult to traverse at times during the con, such was the appeal of comic art, though this was a happy problem to have. Here are 47 photos […]

The Moral Maze: Commission And Be Damned

One of the industry’s best artists, Sean Gordon Murphy tweets; Got a colorist asking for hi-res files that he/she can color, then sell as prints while I get nothing. What is wrong w/ some people? — Sean Gordon Murphy (@Sean_G_Murphy) September 16, 2014 Well at least they asked permission. Many never ask and do it […]

Wizard World Chicago – Where Did All The Artists Go?

Carlos M. sends us this plaintive missive from Wizard World Chicago this weekend: Let me start off by saying, I love Wizard World Chicago.  Been attending this show off and on since its prior incarnation when I was a kid.  For a time, Wizard was the only show in Chicago.  And with it, most recent […]

San Diego Comic Con – The Small Press And The Slow Burn

Mike Heffron writes, For the first time in a decade, I have my own small press table to sell my own comic books, my blood, sweat and tears.  But to be completely frank, I know you don’t care. At Comic-Con, everyone knows it’s  no longer about the sequential art. It’s everything around comics: the movies, […]

Over A Hundred And Seventy Photos Of Artist’s Alley At San Diego Comic Con

Come and get original art, sketches, signatures or buy some hand crafted comics. Artist’s Alley is a little separated from the rest of the comics content at San Diego Comic Con, but fighting your way through those lining up for free posters, a chance to get into the Walking Dead maze and facing a wall […]

How To Find Artists Alley At NYCC

It’s on the program. But it’s not intuitively obvious where Artists Alley is at NYCC this year.  Which is a shame because it’s big, bigger than other Alleys I’ve seen, with lots of space and great natural lighting. Even ATM machines at the entrance, so you can never use the excuse that you haven’t any […]

Video Of Artists Alley At San Diego – With Rob Liefeld Making Out Like A Bandit!

Artists Alley is always a true highlight of any con, but this year at San Diego, sponsored by deviantART, they were joined by some of the Image Comics founders, Whilce Portacio, Erik Larsen and Rob Liefeld. The latter of whom found it quite the revelation. Enjoy!   [youtube][/youtube]    

Sean Gordon Murphy On The ABC Of Dealing With Marvel’s Lawyers

Sean Gordon Murphy is one of the creators who, as a result of the Gary Friedrich situation, and even after Marvel’s response, has chosen to stop sketching Marvel characters at conventions. But he is also someone who has also found himself the subject of Marvel’s concerns. He writes on his deviantArt page, providing lots of […]

John Nee, Dan Slott, Rob Liefeld And Artists Alley

John Nee, who used to be a DC Comics Vice President after the Wildstorm buyout posted on Facebook, regarding the concern over the Gary Friedrich court decision. This saw the destitute co-creator of Ghost Rider, Gary Friedrich agree to pay $17,ooo to Marvel for the sale of signed Ghost Rider prints over several years. But […]

The Day That Marvel Put A Bullet In The Head Of Artists’ Alley

As a result of the Ghost Rider case between co-creator Gary Friedrich and Marvel Comics – a case that Gary is still appealing –  Marvel has demanded that he pay them $15,000. This is the money Gary has raised over several years, selling Ghost Rider prints at shows such as San Diego Comic Con. The […]