LRNZ – An Italian Artist Leading A New Renaissance

Mike Kennedy of Magnetic Press writes, Italy has bred some of the greatest artists the world has ever known — Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Raphael, Botticelli, Donatello… the list goes on.  Their influence on everything that came after them is unquestionable.  Some of the most unique and original comic artists grew out of that long […]

Flash And Spider-Man Artist, Alberto Dose Passes Away

Argentinian comic artist Alberto Dose has passed away. Dose first came to prominence working with Carlos Trillo on the heroic fantasy comic Polución Nocturna in 1980. More recently he worked for DC with a run with Geoff Johns on The Flash and then with Marvel on Spider-Man's Tangled Web. A pulp crime-style artist, he then worked for IDW on titles […]

That Artist/Writer Debate Just Keeps On Going (And Going And Going And Going…)

Writers v artists is a stupid argument that distracts from actual problems such as fair artist's credit. Please stop muddy-ing the water. — Declan Shalvey (@declanshalvey) December 7, 2015 Well we would… but no one else seems to be It started yesterday (this time) with Tony Daniel, a writer/artist for DC Comics. With prominent contributions from […]

Gerardo Sandoval, The New Artist On New Avengers After Secret Wars?

We're trying to continue to put together which creators will be working on which Marvel projects after Secret Wars. Aside from the official PR announcements, we have also discovered the likes of Jeff Lemire and Ken Lashley working on X-Men titles. And the next one on the list is Gerardo Sandoval, on New Avengers. Sandoval […]

George Perez Updates Us After His Surgery

For those who have been following along, legendary comic artist George Perez has been suffering deterioration in his vision due to his diabetes and had to start wearing an eye patch. He went into surgery on Friday to try and improve his vision. He posted on update to his facebook page Well, I'm back! According to […]

Aspiring Artists Now Can Learn Andrew Loomis Principles for Dummies

Andrew Loomis wrote a series of books from 1939 to 1961 which helped shape several generations of artists. There have been many comic book artists over the years which have referred to the Andrew Loomis books of illustration as influencing their work. Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Marvels), Dave Stevens (The Rocketeer) and Steve "The Dude" Rude (Nexus) […]

Fan Review of The Art of Todd McFarlane

Jeffrey Sutman writes for Bleeding Cool I pre-ordered The Art of Todd McFarlane : The Devils in the Details  on August 16, 2010 from Amazon.  So when I got confirmation that it had shipped; and finally received it in the mail, I was beyond thrilled.

Aardman Fans Take Note – Morph Is Back

Morph was not the earliest creation of Aardman Animations – that was, in fact, Aardman – but he was certainly the first I met. He starred in his own little stop-motion sequences screened as part of Take Hart and Hart Beat, the BBC's art shows for kids. Later, he got his own show, and he […]

Another Artist, The Same Publisher, Another Lack Of Payment

Two days ago, I reported that an artist had been in touch with Bleeding Cool over unpaid bills for a comic they'd drawn last year, that now had stopped responding to them. Ten minutes later, after an email from me, the publisher got in touch, offering a payment plan that was accepted. Shortly afterwards I […]

The Artist, The Publisher And The Lack Of Payment

There is an artist. And a publisher. One of the top ten publishers. The artist signed on draw a couple of comics last year, under a tight deadlne, which they met. They sent in their signed contracts as agreed and waited for payment. And waited. And waited. They didn't get it. Emails were sent, new […]

Netflix Bait Their Weinstein Hook With The Artist

The Weinsteins have announced a deal with Netflix which ties up many of their foreign language and documentary films exclusively, and for "multiple years." Interestingly, they're baiting the hook with The Artist. Not only is this not a foreign language film nor a documentary, it's also the front runner at Sunday's Oscars, expected to pretty […]

A Silent Blooper Reel For The Artist – Laugh Not-Out-Loud?

Just when I thought The Artist couldn't pick up any more buzz, along comes this blooper reel which blasts it even further into the hyposphere. Not literal buzz, of course, because this preview of the film's French DVD special features is even more "silent" than the film was.

Biases And Weirdnesses: The BAFTA Longlist For 2012

If your name's not on the list, then you're not going to win. BAFTA have published their full longlist of films eligible for consideration in the 2012 awards. You can read the whole thing as a PDF, but here are the key bits. The candidates for Best Film are: The Artist The Descendants Drive The […]

Ever Wondered What The Script For A Silent Movie Looks Like?

Michel Hazanavicius' screenplay for The Artist has been published online by The Weinsteins as part of their For Your Consideration campaign. What makes this script particularly interesting to read is that it lays down the blueprint for a silent film in nothing but action and the odd title card (well… more or less). Silent movie […]