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When Josh Hoopes Stole From His Place Of Work… And From Artist Pasquale Qualano

In our many investigations of the comic indusry conman Josh Hoopes, we discovered that he was working at a saw mill in Sacramento, California, appropriately ACME Saw. However, it appears now that he is no longer working there, thought through no action of ours. Instead he was fired by the company for stealing tools from […]

The Todd McFarlane And Art Adams Fakes By Josh Hoopes

I had to be sure these were fakes. They were, but I had to be sure. And now I have confirmation from both Todd and Art that they are complete and utter forgeries. These are the so-called sketches by Todd McFarlane and Art Adams that one Gregory Garwood sold to major comics art dealer, Mike […]

The Art Adams All Star Batman That Never Was – Sixteen Pages Of It

Art Adams has posted on Facebook something rather special. Sixteen pages from full pages to layouts of an issue of All Star Batman that never was. As Art put it, he “dropped the ball”. But we get to see so much more of what could have been All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder […]

Art Adams’ Sketches For Idolized #1

Art Adams is drawing covers for the new Idolized series from Aspen. Issue 1 ships in August… and these, I understand, are the sketches he created when coming up with th work in question.  

The Gumby Specials That Dare Not Say Art Adams’ Name

Arthur Adams has drawn a number of comics over the years featuring American children’s characters Gumby and Pokey. And last week saw the publication for the bizarrely named Gumby’s Spring Special, collecting his Winter and Summer Specials, written by the Flaming Carrot’s Bob Burden, now published by Gumby Comics/Wildcard Ink. But there’s a glitch. There […]

LushWatch: Art Adams Draws Thing, Valkyrie And Namor For The Fearless

I think we’ve got the plot now. Valkyrie wants to return the hammers of Fear Itself to Asgard. The heroes don’t want her to. Sin and her crew are still involved. Fight! And who better to add a touch of class to proceedings than Art Adams’ covers for issues 4 and 5 of The Fearless…

Josh Hoopes: He’s Not The Messiah He’s A Very Naughty Boy

I’ve managed to tie up two strands from differing Josh Hoopes scams together. One is that of Joe Pruett of Desperado, one of a number of well known publishers who paid “Art Adams” in advance for a book called Messiah, through the agent “Jeff Henzel.” He received a cover and some sketches, but paid a […]

Josh Hoopes Scam Artist Returns, This Time Using Stephen Colbert

There is a young man called Josh Hoopes. I think that’s his real name. It’s hard to tell as he has been caught out using a number of names, aliases, identities, email addresses and street addresses. But there enough common threads to tie them together. I first exposed Josh when he began using certain creators […]