Exclusive Interview With Olivia Colman: Arrietty, Tyrannosaur And More

If you have even a smidgen of taste in comedy then you'll already be familiar with Olivia Colman, who played Mark's on-off (mostly off) girlfriend in Peep Show, PC Doris Thatcher in Hot Fuzz and harassed mum-of-many Harriet Schulenberg in Green Wing. Lately, however, Colman's career has begun to move into more serious drama with […]

Union Hijack – UK Trailer For Studio Ghibli's Arrietty

It's Independence Day. Therefore, all of my film stories on Bleeding Cool today are going to be UK-centric. I mean, even though it's the fourth of July, we're still bothering with the internet over here on this little island. We don't have all those fun cook outs to get stuck into. As I indicated last […]

Studio Ghibli's Arrietty UK Poster Premiere, Voice Cast News

Here's the first UK poster for the next Studio Ghibli picture, Arrietty. It has been adapted from Mary Norton's The Borrowers by Hayao Miyazaki, Keiko Niwa and director Hiromasa Yonebayashi. As you'd expect, it looks wonderful. And it will sound pretty good too – note that the UK dubbed version will feature a different (and […]