Arnim Zola

Hasbro Reveals New Amazing Line-Up of Marvel Legends at NYCC

Marvel Legends fans were given a treat this afternoon at NYCC with the reveals of many new figures coming to us in 2019. Of what was shown, there is some special stuff here. Forge has been a long-requested figure, we now know the next X-Men build a figure will be Caliban. We are getting a […]

A St. Paddy’s Day Tip-O’-The-Hat To Marvel’s Shamrock

Being that it’s St. Patrick’s Day, it made me think of the Marvel Comics character Shamrock and how they addressed characters from other countries in the past. Being an Irishman myself (my wee 92-year-old Grandmother is from County Cork), I realized that there aren’t that many superheroes from Ireland, but you’d think a country half […]