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HBO Lands Space Comedy From ‘Veep’ Creator Armando Iannucci

After spending seven seasons in Washington D.C., it’s no surprise that Veep creator Armando Iannucci would want to get as far away from the nation’s capital as possible… but this might be a little ridiculous. With HBO‘s Emmy-award dominating political comedy heading into its final season, the cable giant has greenlighted a pilot and back-up […]


HBO’s Smash-Hit Comedy Veep To End After Season 7

Veep, the popular HBO series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus (of Elaine from Seinfeld fame) about an incompetent vice president attempting to survive her duties with a dysfunctional support staff, is set to end after its seventh season, according to Variety. The long-lived comedy had won 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and proved that you can indeed do something well-received after starring in Seinfeld and […]

How Close Is The Death Of Stalin Movie To The Graphic Novel? Armando Iannucci Answers

How close is the Death Of Stalin movie, directed by one of Britain’s greatest comedy figures Armando Iannucci? He answers – and for some reason needs subtitles because of his outrageous Scottish accent. Or something. The original graphic novel is available from Titan Comics here, for San Diego Comic-Con. The movie itself is released in the UK […]

Where Veep Gets Its Ideas From

Last night’s double episode finale of Veep was full to busting of plot twists back and forth. But one was Kent’s idea that Selina Myers should address voters, standing on top of a crate, as an attempt to connect with the ordinary working voter. Naturally, it all goes wrong. But where would such an idea […]

Read Alan Partridge’s Press Release To Announce His First Movie

Studiocanal’s official press release to mark their official engagement with the Alan Partridge movie is blessed with some quotes from the man himself. Put aside any head scratching over the implications of this fictional character commenting on the start of production of a fiction film that will feature him (fictionally) and just enjoy the other […]

Alan Partridge Movie Premise Revealed

So is it Alan Partridge Goes To The Middle East? Alan Partridge Vs. The Mutants? Alan Partridge Plays Monkey Tennis? Armando Iannucci has been speaking at BAFTA to mark the imminent UK premiere of Veep, his new The Thick Of It-ish comedy focusing on the staff of the US vice president. He also spared some […]

Armando Iannucci’s The Thick Of It Coming Back To Target The Coalition

Though Armando Iannucci is more than clever enough to plug the gap, it might be odd to see Veep, his upcoming satire on American politics, go running ahead with Malcolm Tucker. Tucker, played with acid fizz by Peter Capaldi, is the black blood in the veins of both The Thick of It and the big […]

See Alan Partridge’s Return In The First Full Episode Of Mid Morning Matters

Here’s what’s new: Sponsored by Fosters, the new Alan Partridge series has been made for YouTube and the web. Here’s what’s the same as ever: It’s really very funny. So that was somewhat downscaled, and clearly on an “online budget”, but the writing and performance are what matters. A nice rehearsal for the Partridge movie […]

Armando Iannucci Reveals Alan Partridge Movie News For Good Cause

First of all, I’m going to tell you about the cause that In The Loop director Armando Iannucci is supporting. Here in Oxford, my hometown, is a hospital called the John Radcliffe. It’s where I was born, in fact, not to mention many of my family and friends. Recently, there’s been an exceptional ward in the […]