ark: survival evolved.

The New Patch For ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ Will Make You Feel More… E-vil

On Friday, Ark: Survival Evolved got the V257 patch, which includes a couple nods to the Austin Powers series as you’ll be fighting in a giant volcano base, complete with sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads. No joke, check out the trailer below to see them and all the other crazy creatures they invented […]

Ark Park Brings The Survival Game To VR In A Jurassic World Style Theme Park

I’m a big lover of Ark: Survival Evolved. That world and the mechanics are really something that has stolen hours from me this year, and it seems there is another experience coming out surrounding the game. Ark Park is a VR offshoot of the game, that will allow players to get up close and personal […]

Ark Developer Responds To Criticism Of Selling DLC For An Early Access Game

Ark: Survival Evolved has found itself at the center of a controversy in the last week thanks to a rather bizarre move. The game announced and launched the DLC, Scorched Earth last week which rustled a lot of feathers as the game isn’t out of Early Access yet. That controversy isn’t lost on the developers […]

Ark Is Getting Some Kind Of ‘Ginormous’ Update Announced Tomorrow

Ark has been trundling along in the last few months, with fairly frequent updates coming from developer Studio Wildcard to really flesh out what the game has to offer. Lots of new tools, functions and, of course, dinosaurs have been trickling out frequently, making sure there is something new for players to engage with constantly. […]

Ark: Survival Evolved Isn’t On PlayStation 4 Because Sony Won’t Let It

Early Access is just part of the gaming market now, and while it certainly can be problematic, it has some wild success stories too. One such story is Ark: Survival Evolved, which has torn up the charts, as the dinosaur survival game has consumed many hours from many players. It’s also made quite a home […]

Ark Adds The Biggest Dinosaur And A Boat Load More In New Update

[Image via reddit.] Ark is really chugging away when it comes to new releases now. The game is out later this year, but updates are coming thick and fast now. The latest one is huge, both in terms of content, and…well, Dinosaur. The mighty Titanosaur has just been added and it is the largest creature […]

Ark Developers Reportedly Pay $40 Million In Settlement

I’m a big fan of Ark. The game has a bright future ahead of itself if it stays on track. The game may have just hit a significant speed bump though. There have been talks of up to $600 Million in damages due to Jeremy Steiglitz leaving Trendy Entertainment, while still under a non-compete clause. Well, according […]

Ark Gets Huge Update With Three New Creatures To Utilize

Ark is trundling towards its proposed final release date, with content being put into the game at a rather blistering rate. We seem to get new creatures every few weeks now, with more and more features also coming. Well, a big update just landed on Xbox One, and there isn’t just one new creature, there […]

Ark: Survival Evolved Coming To Xbox One Next Week

Ark: Survival Evolved has been a bit of a quiet phenomenon since it hit early access this year. The dinosaur (and other cryptid) survival game has garnered a pretty big following over the last few months and it can be hard to navigate the gaming sections of YouTube while not seeing some video or another […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Brings Dinosaurs And Survival Games Together

There have been a few stabs at dinosaur survival games in the past, but not too many of them have gone super well. The Stomping Lands turned out to be an early access disaster and theHunter: Primal has just never really taken off in my opinion. Well a new challenger has stepped up to the plate […]