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Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #282 Review: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Archie Andrews!

Fall is finally in the air! Kids are back in school, temperatures are getting cooler, and stores are finally filling their shelves with pumpkin spice everything. In this month’s Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #282, we open with a pleasantly surprised Archie over the size of the pumpkin he grew. Jughead suggests Archie enter it in […]

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Archie Giant Comics Treat Review: Boardwalks And Babes

Archie Giant Comics Treat is here, and it’s aptly named. This 490-page book covers a huge variety of Riverdale and its inhabitants. So what decadent desserts do we have to look forward to? Our first few issues are set during the height of summer. The urge to spend every waking moment on the beach is […]

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World Of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #71 Review: Trapped In The Past

I’ve written a bit about the Archie Digests in the past. Some I’ve been pretty fond of, while others fell squarely into “okay” territory. But the main constant throughout all of them has been the small town, welcoming feeling you get from reading Archie comics. Under usual circumstances, Riverdale is a pleasant place with a […]

Archie Comics Double Digest #281 Review: Meet Uncle Roy

Another day, another Archie Digest. This time we’re taking a look at Archie Comics Double Digest #281. The first thing to note about this particular digest is that it includes the new story, “It’s All Relative” focusing on Archie’s uncle Roy. It’s a fun, short little romp with Archie’s extended family though the plot is […]

Archie's Funhouse Back To School Annual #27

Archie’s Funhouse Back To School Annual #27 Review: Get To Class!

School is almost back in session and we’ve got Archie’s Funhouse Back To School Annual #27 to ease you back into another year of football games, pop quizzes, and…psychic abilities? Sure, we’ll go with that. The slice-of-life comics featured in this digest are surprisingly soothing and genuinely enjoyable. They start off with the students of Riverdale […]

Archie Summer Annual #280 Review: Summertime Shenanigans!

“It’s SUMMER FUN MONTH! with the new lead story “Beachwatch”! They’re filming a new “Beachwatch” movie on the beach, and Archie is thrilled to have gotten a part in it! But will he become a star, or will something cause him to get burned?” Archie and summertime go hand in hand. Think about it: almost all […]

Reggie Can’t Catch a Break: Archie’s Funhouse Comics Annual #24

What I love about the digest comics is how they still celebrate classic Archie. Dan Parent delights us again with more classic gags and feel good stories, which is always a welcome change in today’s world. We open this book with “When In Rome” which centers around the gang. Betty calls Reggie out within the […]