Punch Out Arcade

The Arcade Version of Punch Out is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Maybe it’s just my age or knowledge, but I’m surprised when I hear people talk about the NES version of Punch Out as if it were the original. A lot of younger gamers don’t know that the classic boxing game started out as an arcade title for Nintendo. It was a dual screen cabinet made in […]

Asking for a Fight: We Review Razer’s Panthera Arcade Stick

We’re about to dive into the prime season for fighting game tournaments around the U.S. with events like Dreamhack and Evo set to be some of the biggest draws of the year, and with it comes the yearly fascination from average gamers for proper arcade sticks. There will always be a bit of an old-school […]

Overwatch main logo

Would You Play Overwatch If It Were A Fighting Game?

Overwatch has been out for over a year and a half and people are still coming up with new ways to pay homage to Blizzard’s first-person shooter. While seeing the game adapted to versions of an RPG, a battle sim, and even a game of Pokémon, none are as epic as the fighting game version […]

Funko Mystery Mini

Toy Review: Funko Mystery Mini Retro Games

I’m a complete sucker for blind boxes — especially when they’re on clearance at my grocery store and are retro gaming-themed. While I tend to dabble more on the pinball side of things, I do genuinely love retro video games and arcade cabinets. The packaging for this Funko Mystery Mini blind box is awesome — […]

Someone Made A ‘Cuphead’ Arcade Cabinet

Cue up the Fry “take my money” meme, because this guy can have it. A Reddit user named Xiubeda has built a Cuphead arcade cabinet and it looks like a thing of beauty. Considering the game’s animation is on par with titles like Dragon’s Lair and The Act, this is something that would be amazing to […]

We’re Getting A New TMNT Arcade Game Debuting At IAAPA

Remember the good ol’ days of four-player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games? Of course, you do! Those old arcade cabinets are still kicking around to this very day, including the original 1989 cabinet with the weird looking version of April on the side. There’s one at a local arcade near me as I write […]

The White Rose Gameroom Show Picture Gallery

A few weeks ago, while taking a break from Monster Mania, I took a 35 minute ride up to York, PA to check out the White Rose Gameroom Show. The yearly event features pinball machines from all eras, as well as bowling machines, pachinko, and more. There’s even dealers that come and set up, making […]


Arcade Chaser: Views From The NYCC 2017 Syfy Area Arcade

Bleeding Cool’s Lauren Sisselman is usually the Arcade Chaser around here, but Gavin Sheehan gave it a go at New York Comic Con 2017. In the middle of all the chaos that is NYCC, I decided to take a break and browsed the Syfy lounge just below the press area. Many of us got to […]


Lauren Looks Back: The Game Of Skee-Ball

Skee-Ball has been an arcade staple for over 100 years, but even more fascinating is the muddled history behind the popular arcade game. The game was invented by Joseph Fourestier Simpson, who filed the patent in 1907 and gained it in 1908. Skee-Ball was a hit, but something went wrong. Some reports say he suffered […]

pinball machine

Are You Dialed In? Jersey Jack’s Smartphone-Themed Pinball Machine

Jersey Jack’s newest machine, Dialed In, is one of the most advanced machines I’ve played in years. Created by Pat Lawlor, this is Jersey Jack’s first original game, as well. Combining smartphone technology with classic pinball machine appeal, this is a game that should be included in your collection. The game features all the normal […]

jersey jack

Arcade Chaser: Exploring The Jersey Jack Pinball Factory

On a rainy Tuesday morning I made my way up to Lakewood, New Jersey to visit the Jersey Jack Pinball facility. The building is unassuming with a simple sign outside, but inside is a world of pure imagination. Jersey Jack made their pinball debut in 2012, with their innovative Wizard of Oz machine. Jack Guarnieri […]

Arcade Chaser: The Silverball Pinball Museum In Asbury Park, NJ

Just a reminder: I love pinball. A lot. It’s kind of a big part of my life. I’ve known about the Silverball Pinball Museum for years. I went for the first time four years ago, and I try to visit it every so often. It’s only a 2 1/2 hour car ride from my house, […]


Who Won Bleeding Cool’s First-Ever Pinball Mania?!

As all of you know, I’m really into pinball. I play it, I own machines, I accept challenges from people who don’t play it as much as I do — you know, the usual. For the past few months, Jeremy Conrad and I have been going back and forth trash talking about who the better […]

Space Combat Is As Simple As You Can Make It In ‘Rocket Wars’

Rocket Wars was a game released by Rooftop Panda while we were away at E3, but the game was fun and deserves a proper review, so today we’re playing catch up. The game itself is pretty simple: this is a local co-op drop-down space fighter where 2-4 players can battle in a small area with […]

Stern Announces Star Wars Pinball Machine–Siths Protest In Anger

Stern has finally unveiled their newest pinball machine, and I’m actually pretty excited for it. Steve Ritchie’s Star Wars Pinball will be released later this year. Currently there’s only a video showing the machine off on the Star Wars Facebook page, and we have some screencaps from that to give you a good look while […]

Relive Terror In The Arcade With NECA’s Aliens Video Game Tribute Figure

NECA and their line of figures based on video game appearances are a huge hit with collectors, as figures like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, Leatherface, Predator, and more have found a spot on collectors shelf’s. Last year’s SDCC exclusive TMNT figure box sets were the hottest item of the convention as well. The best part of […]

Arcade Chaser: Lauren Visits The Stern Pinball Facility

This past weekend I got to spend time in Chicago for C2E2, but Chicago has a deeper meaning to me. If you’ve been following my posts, then you’ll know that Chicago is the birthplace of pinball! So after my weekend at C2E2, I hopped in a car and went over to the Stern Facility in […]

Is Meg The Problem? Stern’s Family Guy Pinball

If you’re American, or are just aware of pop culture, you’ve heard of Family Guy. The Seth McFarlane show hit airwaves in 1999, and is currently one of the longest running sitcoms in American history. So it only makes sense that Stern would make a family guy pinball, which came out in 2007. The game […]

Hold The Door! Game Of Thrones Pinball By Stern

Everyone seems to love HBO’s Game of Thrones, based on the books by George R.R. Martin. So Stern decided to cash in on this popularity and released their GoT pin back in 2015. The playfield was designed by pinball master Steve Ritchie (AC/DC, Spider-Man), and comes in pro, LE, and premium editions. There are differences to […]

It’s Bigger On The Inside: Dr. Who Pinball By Bally

Most of you reading this are aware of Dr. Who. While I’m not a big Dr. Who fan (I’ve seen maybe a handful of episodes), I am a big pinball fan. Bally released this game into the wild in 1992, long after Dr. Who’s initial TV debut, and long before a new generation of Whovians […]