Wizard World Comes To London?

Bleeding Cool understands that the head honcho at Wizard World, John Macaluso, took meetings last week in London at the O2 dome, often known as the Millennium Dome. On the right side of the Thames, just over from the Excel Centre where the MCM London Expo and London Super Comic Con are held, the O2 […]

Frankensteining Marvel Comics’ Solicitations For April 2015 – (Final UPDATE)

Marvel Comics are pushing out their full solicitations a day earlier than usual – and DC of course put their out two months ahead of usual… Thanks to CBR, Geek Gusher, Newsarama and Comic Book for Cosmic, Spider-Man, Star Wars and Avengers books… developing… UNCANNY INHUMANS #0 CHARLES SOULE (w) • STEVE MCNIVEN (a/C) Variant Cover […]

DC Comics Solicitations For April 2015 – With Nicola Scott Nightwing Butt Shots…

With Gail Simone talking about the Nightwing/Oracle Convergence issue. I am writing it, of course there’s Nightwing ass! And now Nicola Scott talking about New Teen Titans… @NicolaScottArt it will be your legacy. — Rich Johnston (@richjohnston) January 15, 2015 “@richjohnston: @NicolaScottArt it will be your legacy.”- HA! I think you may be right. More […]

Boundless Solicitations For April 2015 – Here Comes Christian Zanier’s Ember

Boundless, the sister publisher to Avatar Press, have a couple of titles out for April, the continuing Lady Death and a new title, Ember, from Christian Zanier. Fire it up! EMBER #0 Retail Price: $3.99 US Writer: Christian Zanier Cover & Art : Christian Zanier MR, Color, 32 pages Ember blazes brightly as the newest femme […]

Captain America 3 Shooting From April, In Puerto Rico, Berlin And Atlanta

Does the rounds, promoting their new movie Black Or White, Anthony Mackie and Kevin Coster popped up on B96 Chicago. That’s Antony Mackie of Sam Wilson, Captain America fame. When asked about that upcoming threequel, Captain America: Civil War, he said… [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZda4NErErw[/youtube] “We start shooting in April so it’s going to be a lot of flyin […]

Top Fifty Comics And Graphic Novels Of April 2014

Here are the top fifty comics and graphic novels selling in North America through Diamond Comic Distributors’ direct sales system… Note that Batman Eternal‘s four issues pushed Walking Dead‘s two issues out of the top ten, but there is already attrition from issues 1 to 4. And Southern Bastards #1 has launched into the top […]

Frankensteining Marvel And DC Comics Solicitations For April 2014

Thanks to Newsarama, CBR, Comicosity and IGN. Obviously plenty more to come, but here’s a gathering of what we can start to expect from the Big Two come April. And expect Justice United #0 to be announced soon… SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #31 Dan Slott (W) • Giuseppe Camuncoli (A/C) Connecting Variants A & B by J. […]

Secret Origins, The New Ongoing From DC Comics

Yesterday, we ran some rumours about upcoming DC Comics titles. Some were well sourced, others… less so. But the original rundown from Tako seemed pretty reliable. And the elaboration at 4chan less so. Maybe as you might expect. Because Secret Origins #1 is not a one shot, it’s a new ongoing series, telling the origins […]

Aquaman And The Others… And Others From DC Comics In April 2014

This does appear to be an article stub from DC Comics, indicating an Aquaman And The Others series from DC for 2014. That and other potential April delights have been running around the messageboards for the last couple of days. Such as this run down from our good friend Tako. Aquaman and the Others #1 […]

A Marvel Comics Wedding In April 2014 (ROM SPECULATION UPDATE)

DC Comics characters may not be allowed to get married anymore, and Spider-Man had his taken away, but clearly there’s some kind of Marvel wedding fever in the air. Albeit it bloody one… Newsarama received the following invite. Bleeding Cool did not. We may well gatecrash. SPECULATION UPDATE: Could it be… The Bride Of Thanos? […]

Is It Omnibus Month For Marvel In April?

December brings the comic industry its favourite things. Big, heavy collections of big heavy comic books, aimed at the Christmas market. But, instead, it looks like Marvel prefer April. Easter presents perhaps? Here’s a few volumes scheduled for that month next year. The Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Volume 2 (912 pages), Spider-Man by Roger Stern Omnibus […]

Boom! Goes The Dynamite – Solicitations For April 2013

Here you go folks, the April solicitations in full for both Boom! and Dynamite for April 2013.  From Dynamite’s Miss Fury to Boom!’s Regular Show and Polarity, there’s lot’s of comics new and old… but mostly new. Let’s start with Dynamite… MISS FURY #1 Rob WIlliams (w) Jack Herbert (a) J. Scott Campbell (50%), Alex […]

Marvel Cancels Age Of Apocalypse And X-Treme X-Men In April

Two multidimensional comics are meeting their end in April, as part of the X-Termination crossover, David Lapham and Roberto De La Torre’s Age Of Apocalypse with issue 14 and Greg Pak and Andre Aeujo’s X-Treme X-Men with issue 13. Here are their final covers (and the cover to Astonishing X-Men that make up the trptych). […]

Some Rather Remarkable Covers For A Regular Show Comic

It’s Thursday night, or rather, Friday morning. I’ve just come back from the pub. And what do I find waiting for me, and me alone? The covers to the new Regular Show #1 comic from Boom! for April. Which is probably going to go rather Adventure Timey very soon indeed. So I thought I’d share […]

Saucer Country And Superman Family Adventures Cancelled

Aw man… I was told that when Paul Cornell left DC Comics for Marvel, he’d still be doing Saucer Country. Clearly DC Comics disagreed. Issue 14 of the intelligent political alien conspiracy that drew parallels with alien conspiracy and US immigration strategy with greater success than anything I’ve ever seen, will be its last, shipping […]