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Apple Launches “Apple Arcade” Monthly Game Subscription Service

Apple Apparently Planning A VR Headset & AR Glasses

Apple apparently has bigger plans in store for its gaming section and Apple Arcade down the road with some peripherals currently being designed. According to a new article from Bloomberg, the company is planning both a VR Headset and a pair of AR Glasses, both of which will be out over the next couple of […]

"Frogger In Toy Town" Announced For Apple Arcade

"Frogger In Toy Town" Co-Op Announced For Apple Arcade

Konami decided to reveal last week that they were going to be adding in a co-op mode to the Apple Arcade exclusive Frogger In Toy Town. Now you can face off against a friend on another mobile device as you play the classic title revised. Now you have a second chance at winning as the […]

Four More Games Were Just Added To Apple Arcade In A Surprise Release

Four More Games Were Just Added To Apple Arcade In A Surprise Release

Apple Arcade just added four more games this weekend. You can now jump into Pilgrims, The Bradwell Conspiracy, RedOut: Space Assault, and Nightmare Farm now. Here's a bit about what you can expect from each game. Apple seems to have forgone any big fanfare surrounding the new additions, but there's definitely worth playing. Amanita Design, […]

Google Launches Play Pass to Compete with Apple Arcade

Google Launches Play Pass To Compete With Apple Arcade

In this "Anything you can do, I can do better" culture, it is no surprise Google responded to Apple's announcement of the Apple Arcade with their own game and app subscription service called Play Pass. Android users will have access to more than 350 premium games and apps at $4.99 a month. Numerous Games and […]

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Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for September 17-23, 2019

This week we have a bunch of awesome video game releases as well as some special items like the SEGA Genesis Mini and Apple Arcade. Check out the complete list below, choose your titles wisely, and as always; have fun! September 17th AI: The Somnium Files Limited Edition (PS4, Switch) Bus Simulator (PS4, XB1) Castle […]

"LEGO Brawls" Will Be Released On Apple Arcade This Month

"LEGO Brawls" Will Be Released On Apple Arcade This Month

As part of the Apple Arcade announcement yesterday, we learned that Red Games Co. will be releasing LEGO Brawls on September 19th. The game is a hyper 4-v-4 multiplayer brawler set in the LEGO universe as you will battle as familiar and new characters. You can read more about it here as well as check […]

Apple Launches “Apple Arcade” Monthly Game Subscription Service

Apple Launches "Apple Arcade" Monthly Game Subscription Service

Given the wide appeal for mobile gaming, it was only a matter of time before Apple decided to join the other videogame giants in launching their own subscription service in Apple Arcade at the company's event at its Cupertino, California headquarters. Originally revealed in March 2019, Apple Arcade will be made available for purchase in […]

Apple Reportedly Spending Half a Billion on Game Streaming Service

  Like Google, Apple is also interested in getting into the video game streaming service game, and are planning to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the upcoming Arcade subscription service. At least, according to a report in the Financial Times. According to Variety, that report alleges that Apple is spending about half a […]

Apple Introduces Apple Arcade Coming in the Fall of 2019

As part of Apple's presentation today, the company introduced their video game stream service which will simply be called Apple Arcade. The company introduced the concept in two videos, the first promoting it and the second giving you a demonstration of what it will be. We also get a look at some of the games […]