Anthem PS4 Players Are Claiming the Game is Breaking Their System

A new problem has arisen with Anthem players, this time on the PS4, as players are claiming online that the game is causing their console to brick. Several players have taken to Twitter, Reddit, and other social media outlets to show that the game has been crashing on their systems, and to make matters worse, some […]

The Underappreciated Magic of Anthem

Anthem has had a rough go of it since coming out. As is becoming a rite of passage for online loot shooters like The Division and Destiny, Anthem is having a troubled launch. It’s is a game that has a lot of potential but is garnering ire due to it lacking a significant reason to […]

Anthem is Banning Players That Exploit the Game For Loot Farming

BioWare is been dropping the ban hammer on a number of players who have been exploiting Anthem to do a little bit of loot farming. The biggest player to get banned for the exploit is YouTuber Gladd, who posted a video about what happened over the weekend. The exact term used for receiving a permanent ban […]

Anthem Launch Trailer

BioWare Response to Accusations of Nerfing Loot in Day One Anthem Patch

So one of the many gripes and complaints people had for Anthem post-launch was an accusation about nerfing some of their loot with the Day One patch. Several players took to the game’s official  Reddit page claiming that the patch added in a stealthy nerf in loop drop rates, which even we admit, we caught […]

Anthem Launch Trailer

Bioware’s Anthem Uneven, Squanders Much Potential

Anthem, one of the most anticipated titles of 2019, excels in some areas, but expectations fall flat in its execution. The PC experience may vary depending on the specs of your system, but for anything resembling a quality experience, it’s definitely recommended for a dedicated higher-end gaming rig. Initially, many who played the pre-released experienced […]

BioWare Announced a 90 Day Anthem Update Cycle

BioWare’s Chad Robertson posted an update on the BioWare blog today about Anthem‘s Live Service update cycle for the coming months. The major part of that post was the 90-day roadmap for updates coming to the game, but it also included some commentary from Robertson on the game’s launch cycle. According to Robertson, BioWare developers are excited […]

Anthem Bioware

BioWare’s Anthem is a Steaming Hot Disappointment with Promise

Once BioWare announced Anthem way back in E3 of 2017 (after a tease during E3 2014), the game immediately had a ton of pressure to perform. After all, it was the studio’s next big project after the epic flop that was Mass Effect: Andromeda. Sure, Andromeda got a worse reputation than deserved thanks to some incredibly wonky animation […]

Casey Hudson is Proud of Anthem on Launch Day

Things have not been going so well for BioWare’s new game Anthem throughout its early access phase, but the full launch is here today along with a hefty Day One patch. Which makes it an odd occasion for anyone to announce that they’re proud of the development team’s work on the game so far. Not exactly […]

BioWare Releases Notes For the Day One Patch Coming to Anthem

If you’re looking to play Anthem on the first day, BioWare has already got a patch lined up that you’ll need to download before you jump in. We have some of the more important notes below, and you can read the entire list here, but basically, this is a patch to fix all of the […]

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for February 19-25, 2019

We’re slowly getting out of the cold and into warmer months, and with it, the video game releases are starting to pick back up as well. We got some awesome AAA titles out this week along with a healthy dose of indie releases. Check out the entire list below, choose your games wisely, and as […]

Anthem's hilarious and horrifying cutscene bugs

At the Very Least, Anthem’s Cut Scene Bugs are Hysterical

So they might give you Andromeda flashbacks, but the bugs in Anthem‘s cutscenes are at least hilarious. The game’s early access launch has also had some major connection issues, so it’s turning out to be a pretty bad soft-launch period for the game. We can hope the tweaks will be ironed out before the full launch, but […]

Anthem Launch Trailer

BioWare’s Anthem Won’t Have any PvP Content at Launch

Despite being an RPG-hybrid shooter, BioWare’s Anthem won’t have any PvP at launch. Which is incredibly disappointing and something of a problem for a shooter. After all, PvP is what gives FPS games their staying power. While Anthem is a hybrid, part of that pulls from shooters. And even without ranked competitive play, every shooter game in […]

Neill Blomkamp is Making a Live-Action Anthem Short Film

Electronic Arts announced today that Academy Award-nominated director Neill Blomkamp (known for his work on District 9, Elysium, and Chappie) has directed an original live-action short film based on BioWare’s Anthem. Called Conviction, the film brings the vast world of Anthem to life an original story set decades before the beginning of the game. Blomkamp’s Conviction will go live on February 14th on […]

Anthem Launch Trailer

Anthem Recieves a Launch Trailer to the Remixed Tune of Crazy Train

Anthem doesn’t come out for another two weeks, but it didn’t stop Electronic Arts and BioWare from releasing the launch trailer early. If you’re already on board with the game after playing the demos, then this will probably psyche you up a little more as you see gameplay and some story cutscenes all set to […]

BioWare Breaks Down Anthem’s Story in Latest Trailer

Before we dive into Anthem in a few weeks, BioWare and Electronic Arts have decided to give you a better idea of the game’s story in a new trailer. A lot of what you see here is content that the press and some of the VIP demo players got to see when introduced to the […]

Anthem Reveals Endgame Content in Latest Gameplay Reveal

The latest gameplay reveal for BioWare’s multiplayer shooter Anthem focuses on the endgame content players will be able to enjoy once they finish the campaign. Endgame content is make or break for MMO-like multiplayer shooters, and has been one of the biggest problems for games like Destiny and The Division. As you might expect, the endgame […]

Examining Anthem From Three Different Demo Phases

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to try out Anthem in three different demos. A press event, the VIP demo, and the open demo last weekend. Rather than jumping in on the rush to be first to comment on everything, I wanted to let the game sink in as I tried […]

Anthem Almost Became a Free-To-Play Game From BioWare

Some interesting news came out this week just as we enter the next free demo for Anthem, as the game almost was a free-to-play title from BioWare. According to an interview with Gaming Bolt, Anthem director Jonathan Warner and lead producer Ben Irving discuss how the early planning stages of the game would have made it free […]