Ant, Mario Gully, Erik Larsen And A Case Of Crotch-Tongue

Last year, after a series of increasingly unbelievable personal setbacks, Mario Gully sold the rights to his sexploitation comic Ant to Erik Larsen. Larsen is now planning to publish a new version… and hired Gully to draw it. So Gully posted his first page on Facebook. ANT..the return! Hey here is a page From the […]

Why Mario Gully Sold Ant

Last week, Bleeding Cool told how you Ant creator Mario Gully had been charged and had plead guilty to robbery, with sentencing scheduled for January. He gave an interview to the original source of the story, Jake Estrada, in which he told the whole sorry circumstances, including his decision to change his name from Mario […]

Mario Gully Pleads Guilty To Robbery

It appears that the comic book creator of Ant, Mario Gully, was charged with robbery in July, resulting in his incarceration. He pled guilty to the charge of larceny from a person and is currently awaiting sentencing. Jack Estrada noticed the official record of his arrest, as well as the news that his family were […]

Jeff Kaufman Gets Jesse Jamesed

Jesse James writes for Bleeding Cool. If we were to try and stop him, he tells us, it would tear a hole in the space-time continuum. There are a lot of creators at every con trying to make it into the comic book business.  As I walked down the aisles,  I’m looking for something that […]