Prez Lays Out A Remarkable Future For Twitter, Drones, Anonymous And DC

In the back of today’s Convergence Batgirl #2, we got a glimpse of hot new series for June, Prez. And we learned plenty about the DC Universe in the year 2036, with the teenage president-elect Beth Ross, elected as America continues its involvement in world affairs… And more remarkable than a President being elected by […]

Could Occupy Comics Face The Wrath Of Warner Bros Lawyers?

This is the cover to the Occupy Comics trade paperback, featuring the V For Vendetta version of the Guy Fawkes mask which has been appropriated by Anonymous, Occupy and the Arab Spring movements. It hadn’t appeared on the covers of the issues, though used inside. Because while one could be considered comment and fair use, […]

The Sting Of V For Vinegar

You may have seen on the news that around two weeks ago, Brazil was host to widespread protests against government corruption and wasteful spending, prompted by a hike in public transport fares. Anonymous Brazil released several videos in support of the movement and because previous Anonymous activity, Occupy and the Arab Spring were models/antecedents, they […]

Vox Populi – Alan Moore Talks Anonymous, Occupy And The V For Vendetta Mask

It wouldn’t be the first time that iconography associated with Alan Moore has escaped into the wild. The blood splattered smiley face image, created by Moore and Dave Gibbons was used as advertising for the Watchmen comic by Forbidden Planet on the London Underground. Leading to on one occasion, image after image of a smiley […]

Swipe File: V For Vendetta And Life

From V For Vendetta: From Anoonymous: reports; Anonymous has taken a new approach with a video featuring one of their members speaking Spanish dressed in a V For Vendetta mask. During recent protests, a member of Anonymous was kidnapped by the Zetas, a Mexican drug cartel known for beheading their victims.  So now Anonymous […]

TRAILER: From The Director Of Independence Day, A Shakespeare Conspiracy Period Film

For the Baconians out there. Or maybe the Oxfordians. Or one of those. I’m no expert, and I’d wager that Roland Emmerich, the director of Anonymous, this “Shakespeare didn’t write Shakespeare” adventure melodrama isn’t either. Radiohead’s Everything In its Right Place seems to be in the wrong place. It was somewhat more at home in […]

FBI Targets V For Vendetta Mask Owners

The FBI have targeted anyone who might have been involved with the Denial Of Service attacks on PayPal, Mastercard, Amazon and more in the wake of the Wikileaks release of ambassadorial communiques, with over forty search warrants and subpoenas so far. Gawkwer talked to a 19 year old female member of Anonymous, and a target […]

Julian Assange, Wikileaks And V For Vendetta

It does appear that, thanks to V For Vendetta, the Guy Fawkes imagery and V logo is becoming a true symbol for the 21st century. This was a scene outside the London courts this week, a group of protestors dressed as V , holding Free Assange signs. It’s not the first time V and Julian […]