New Paperman Promo Video Reveals More Images

Still no moving footage from Disney and John Kahr‘s milestone toon Paperman, but this video features some discussion of its look and another handful of images. Some are concept work, others come from the film itself. The best animations have always walked along the thin line of believability and striking style. That Kahr was able […]

The Firm: Telling A Familiar Story In A New Way

Dominic Frisby is a friend of Bleeding Cool. Here he reflects on how his short film The Firm went from concept to completion. You can also watch the film in the player below. The Firm was born some 15 years ago in the days following the death of Diana, Princess Of Wales. I was living […]

Fresh Character Images From Disney’s Revolutionary New Short, Paperman

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a look at what Disney’s Paperman looks like in motion just yet but I’m sure a preview will pop up somewhere between now and November, when it plays in cinemas alongside Wreck It Ralph, and when you do see it, you’ll get some idea what all of the fuss is […]

Epic Trailer For Arjun, Disney’s First Animated Movie To Be Produced In India

Blending animation techniques, but leaning a little too heavily on some cel-shaded CG characters that don’t quite work, the first film to be produced by UTV since Disney took a controlling share is, nonetheless, looking distinctive and epic. Some of that really works, some of it just doesn’t have enough life in it. Still, I […]

Kevin Feige Confirms Marvel-Disney Animated Collaboration

Unsure of what has already made its way onto the web, Kevin Feige doesn’t seem confident in what he can or can’t say about a Marvel-Disney animated collaboration, but he’s at least copped to it that such an idea exists. He’s also given a couple of clues, however obliquely, as to what the project might […]

Pixar Announce New Film, Reveal Title For Another

While Pete Docter‘s upcoming Pixar movie about “a journey into the human mind and creative process” is being kept as mysterious as before – we have that basic premise and a June 19, 2015 release date and nothing else – Pixar have started revealing little bits of new info about the other films on their […]

Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph Has A Pixel Art Teaser Poster

One of the more exciting prospects for last few months of the year will be Wreck-It-Ralph, the Disney toon that, according to early buzz, comes close to being Toy Story for videogames. The marketing for the film is about to step up notch, starting with this first teaser poster. Here’s Ralph himself, as voiced by […]

Kevin Smith Hoping To Get Animated Clerks Back On Screen Next Year

Only six episodes of Clerks: The Animated Series were produced, and only two of those made it to air before ABC pulled the plug. Now, twelve years later, Kevin Smith says that he’s hopeful more episodes will be along next year. Here’s the tweet that said it: Via @Just_Reboot “Clerks cartoon was brilliant, I rewatch […]

Glen Keane’s Resignation Letter Marks The End Of An Era For Disney

This has been a long time coming, but it still feels momentous. Veteran animator Glen Keane yesterday resigned from Walt Disney Feature Animation, signalling his desire to seek out animation’s “endless new territories to explore” beyond that one studio’s walls. Previously, Keane has animated many of Disney’s greatest characters, perhaps most notably the Beast in […]

Could Digital Comics Benefit From UK Tax Breaks?

Mark Waid has made it very clear. The digital comic books he’s working on are not animation. Even though we see changes of image on the screen, as new panels and information appear, because the images themselves don’t move, this is not an animated product. It’s comics. Well, it might be wise for the comics […]

Trailer: Ultimate Spider-Man, As Will Be Seen At Wonder Con

Here is a new trailer for Ultimate Spider-Man, The Animated Series, showing at WonderCon this weekend. [youtube][/youtube] Marvel have asked us to say this; Can’t wait until April 1st to catch your favorite Super Hero in action? Check out Marvel’s new Ultimate Spider-Man trailer debuting on! Watch as Nick Fury offers Spider-Man the biggest […]

DC Nation Clips Round-Up

The hour draws near when DC let loose their bravest and boldest, tiniest and titan-est for Saturday Morning Cartoon Time. Starting on March 3rd, Cartoon Network will be cordoning off two hours a week for nothing but DC. Clips are starting to appear online in good number. Here are some that I’ve yet to post. […]