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Android 21 Will Be Coming To "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2"

Android 21 Will Be Coming To “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2”

In case you thought Bandai Namco was done with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, it turns out they still have more content coming to the game. When Dragon Ball FighterZ was introduced last year, it came with an original character, specific for the game called Android 21. Designed by Akira Toriyama, this is another creation of […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Majin Android 21 to Join Dragon Ball FighterZ at Launch

ShonenGamez just ran a story today showing off a new scan of V-Jump in which it is revealed Dragon Ball FighterZ will be getting a brand new character of sorts in Majin Android 21. Bandai Namco had already revealed the character Android 21 to the world this past fall when details started leaking about the storyline. […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Latest ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Trailer Shows Off More Android 21

Bandai Namco are slowly teasing their way into getting Android 21 into the mix of Dragon Ball FighterZ. She is essentially a fantasy character made up for the purposes of the game in an alternate timeline. The redheaded scientist has (up until now) only been seen in stills showing off that she’s part of the […]