Amy Berg

#InclusionAndCocktails: An Evening with Female Showrunners

Inclusion and cocktails sounds like the perfect Twitter hashtag to support tonight’s event, An Evening with Female Showrunners. Perhaps you’ll recall Variety’s… faux pas…with their most recent version of their ongoing writers’ room event. Out of 12 gathered professionals, only one was a woman. This, of course, caused a number of questions to be asked […]

Wondercon logo

[#WonderCon] Inside the Writers’ Room: Shows That Inspire

WonderCon is always a great event to listen to fascinating discussions about the behind-the-scenes creation of some of our favorite shows and films. Friday had one of the two weekend panels highlighting TV writers. This one was specifically about the shows that inspired writers to be writers. The panel was moderated by Mark A. Altman (The […]