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Nancy in Hell #1 cover by Ariel Olivetti

Nancy in Hell #1 Review: Trashy, Bloody Goodness

Nancy is still in Hell and still tearing a bloody swath through the realm with her chainsaw. She finds a helpful traveler to giver her a ride, but even he proves to be as monstrous as everything else in this place. She is being chased by the mysterious Spooks, the FBI-like operators within Hell. They […]

Suicide Forest Ends and Titan Begins: Amigo Comics May 2018 Solicits

Desiree Bressand and Ruben Gil’s Call of the Suicide Forest reaches its conclusion, and Colleen, Andre Stahlschmidt, and Wesllei Manoel’s Titan begins. This is all courtesy of Amigo Comics’ solicits for May of 2018. Details below.   MAR181118 CALL OF THE SUICIDE FOREST #5 (OF 5) (MR) (W) Desiree Bressend (A) Ruben Gil (CA) Toni Fejzula In this final issue: Getting into the woods […]

Jack Kirby And Wally Wood Comic Strips Reprints In Amigo Comics January 2018 Solicits

Amigo Comics is reprinting Jack Kirby and Wally Wood comic strips from 1959-1960 with touched-up color and scrapbook images never released to the public. In addition, the first issue of the Call of the Suicide Forest, the sequel to their Suicide Forest graphic novel. This miniseries, which is a supernatural tale about an American girl named Portia going to the notorious Japanese Suicide […]

Apocalypse Girl Leads Amigo Comics’ Lineup For September 2017 Solicitations

Amigo Comics’ lineup for September 2017 includes Apocalypse Girl, a new series by El Torres of Rogues!, Nancy In Hell and Westwood Witches and Ramiro Borrallo. It follows the adventures (and misadventures) of an everyday young girl…in the middle of the End of the World. Spotlighted in Diamond Previews, it’s out in September. Most common teenage issues […]

Lunita – Under A Spanish Moon In November

Former CEO and editor at the Spanish publishing company Recerca Editoria, Xavier Morell is launching a new comic from Amigo Comics in November, with Spanish artist Sergi San Julián. And it involves Spain a little. Here’s the bumf, along with other Amigo Comics shipping in November. LUNITA #1 (MR) (W) Xavier Morell (A/CA) Sergi San […]