American Nature

Indie Spotlight: American Nature And Surrealist Cheeseburgers (VIDEO)

By Shawn Perry 'Sup Bleed-Freaks. At NYCC we spoke with the creative team behind American Nature and learned a little about what goes into makes good storytelling. American Nature by writers Dave Landsberger and Marc Koprinarov and artists Greg & Fake is a great example of what happens when a talented collective lets their creative […]

American Nature Spins Out Of Hoax Hunters Into Own Book

Tarzan Trogrief writes for Bleeding Cool: American Nature began as a monthly backup feature in Image Comic's Hoax Hunters. Now it's expanding, and bringing new friends. American Nature Presents features the work of emerging and established talents such as Austin Tinius, Robert Salinas, Antonio Brandao, Zé Burnay, Ralph Niese, Benjamin Marra and, of course, the […]