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Sympathy for The Gibbon in Next Week's Amazing Spider-Man 18.HU

Sympathy for The Gibbon in This Week’s Amazing Spider-Man #18.HU

The primary purpose of the Hunted storyline in Amazing Spider-Man is to make Marvel a boatload of cash by pumping out upwards of 25 Spider-Man comics in a single month, but a side effect of the storyline is that it may be turning some of Spider-Man’s villains into sympathetic characters. Just look at the preview […]

Amazing Spider-Man #24 Cover Teases Mysterious New Villain

Hunted, the massive Amazing Spider-Man story that’s so big it couldn’t fit in the regular Amazing Spider-Man issues for April, May, and June, and even after that, was still so big it couldn’t fit in the allotted 6 regular issues and 3 additional .HU issues, so Marvel had to push the finale back one more […]

Black Cat Objects to Shoddy Female Representation in Amazing Spider-Man #17

Kraven the Hunter has reinvented his image for the Hunted storyline happening in Amazing Spider-Man. Gone is the animal fur vest with no shirt look as Kraven dons a business suit to sell the opportunity to hunt animal-themed supervillains to bored billionaires. But some things, it seems, never change, as Black Cat learns when Kraven […]

9 Issues Not Enough as Amazing Spider-Man’s Hunted Story Expands 1 Issue

Because U demanded it?! Marvel is really going all in on the Spider-Man. A few months back, Bleeding Cool reported on Marvel’s plans to publish fourteen Spider-Man comics featuring Peter Parker in April, again, just Spider-Man featuring Peter Parker, not even counting the various other Spider-people in their monthly lineup, such as Mile Morales Spider-Man, […]

Nick Spencer Rewrites Continuity to Give Kraven His Own Clone Saga in Amazing Spider-Man #16

Kraven the Hunter has been capturing animal-themed characters in the background of Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man run (with artists Ryan Ottley, Humberto Ramos, and Chris Bachalo), and it’s all been leading up to Hunted, the story so big it can’t fit into the regular Amazing Spider-Man issues and requires multiple “.HU” issues of Amazing Spider-Man […]

Spider-Ham, Spider-Ham, Appears Wherever a Spider Can (Like June’s Amazing Spider-Man Annual)

Continuing to push its highly successful “capitalize on the popularity of Into the Spider-Verse” initiative, Marvel has announced that Spider-Ham will star in this Summer’s Amazing Spider-Man Annual. Marvel announced the news at ComicsPRO, but not before providing high-res artwork to their media partners at eponymous comic book website Jason Latour will write the book, […]

Amazing Spider-Man to Quadruple-Ship in April

Marvel is really testing the theory that fans just can’t get enough of Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man! The current Amazing Spider-Man series kicks off an epic storyline called Hunted in March, and in April, for the second month in a row, that story is too big to be contained within the regular numbering of […]

Marvel Plans More Numbering Shenanigans with Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU in March

If you thought the whole dual numbering system was difficult enough to understand, you’re probably not going to be very pleased with Marvel’s plans for Amazing Spider-Man in March. That month kicks off the Hunted storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #17, which sees Kraven the Hunter return for what Marvel is billing as a “huge” storyline. […]

J. Jonah Jameson, This is Your Life! Next Week’s Amazing Spider-Man #12

So in a twist nobody could have possibly seen coming, that invitation by Mayor Kingpin for J. Jonah Jameson to have a banquet in his honor turned out to be some kind of trap, one which has ensnared not only Jameson, but his reluctant friend and protector, Spider-Man. What villainous plans do the bad guys […]

Nick Spencer Finally Makes Spidey a Nazi in Next Week’s Amazing Spider-Man #10

Nick Spencer sparked months of fierce debate in the online comics community with Secret Empire, a Marvel super-mega-crossover event that revealed that Captain America was a Nazi… and that was just on Spencer’s own Twitter feed. Across the wider community, the controversy raged even harder. Spencer has been doing his best to make up for […]

Hot Toys Spider Man Spider Punk Figure 20

Spider-Man PS4 Punk Rock Suit Coming From Hot Toys

Spider-Man released on PS4 today, and Hot Toys wasted no time formally announcing their first figure in support of the game. Their Spider-Punk figure will come in a realistic suit with a real denim vest, complete with spikes and buttons, a guitar, shoes, multiple pairs of hands and eyes to swap out, a spider-drone, five […]