Alter Ego

Spotlight on ComiXology Submit – Chickens, Alter Ego, Aki Alliance

Every week, there is quite a selection of new comics available that have been added to ComiXology via their creator-owned Submit platform, and here at Bleeding Cool we’re taking a moment to point out some of the titles that have caught our attention this time around that you might find as wacky or as intriguing […]

Twenty-One Christmassy Thoughts About Twenty-One Comics – Avengers, Forever Evil, Origin II, Justice League, Saviors, Robotech/Voltron, Doctor Who, Action Bible, Alter Ego, Hide, Sir Roland, Winter City, Trench Coat Samurai, Synergy, 1001 Nights, The Bunker, Chainmail, Monsters Of The Silver Age, Rocket Robinson, Strange Symmetry And Slumdroid

Not many comics out in print today. Don’t worry, we have a solution. Keep reading. Avengers #24.NOW is the most Christmassy comic book printed today, in so far as much as it actually gets mentioned. And also shows us that the Avengers from 3030 also know Christmas. Fox News, relax, your war on War Against […]

Mark Waid Buys A Comic Shop

Comic Writer Mark Waid announced today that he has bought a comic store in Indiana. Announced on his website that he and Christy Branch will be partnering with Jason Pierce to grow Alter Ego Comics. Here is some of what he wrote: “I bought a comics store.” “Why? So you can burn it down?” As some […]