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Prometheus Featurette – Footage, Interviews, Behind The Scenes

Ridley Scott says he’s an “all about everything director”, Noomi Rapace comments on his “very clear vision.” Indeed, this promo is selling us the Ridley – his vision, his “digging deeper,” “pushing the envelope” and, particularly, wanting things to be real. And he is the big star of Prometheus, I agree. At least until the… […]

Chilling Prometheus Viral Stars Michael Fassbender As David

I can carry out directives that my human counterparts might find distressing or unethical. David the android in the subject of this new Prometheus viral that takes an earlier clip and builds on it. It’s actually rather powerful. I wonder if there’s a lot of misdirection at work here, or if David is really going […]

Check Out Some Features Of The USCSS Prometheus From… Well, Prometheus

The oh-so on-the-nose naming of the ship in Prometheus is a bit daft, but it’s nowhere nearly as irksome as the Icarus 2 in Sunshine. Only a film as flat-out loopy as Titanic 2 can make a virtue of this goofiness. But the Prometheus is an interesting ship, not least for its sleek designs. This […]

Dazzling New Image From Prometheus

Earlier tonight, the Prometheus viral took another turn, and resulted in the unveiling of a new, quite absurdly complex image. I missed it all going on in real time, but was able to catch up from the film’s Facebook page. You’ll want to see this at full size. We know this is the chamber in […]

The Last Of The Prometheus Countdown Trailers And A New Image From The Movie

More Prometheus can’t be a bad thing, can it? Here’s the last of the countdown trailers, with more footage from the film and a few more bits of behind-the-scenes. The image of Michael Fassbender below appeared in the latest issue of Empire; they’ve now premiered the high-res online version. This time tomorrow we’ll all be […]

Another “Trailer” For Prometheus With More Footage From The Movie

Apple have slipped up and let the next Prometheus teaser out of the bag early. They managed to reel it back in, but this is the internet, so a clone is running free already. So, let’s enjoy more from Ridley Scott, and more footage from the film. I assume there will be an “In 1 […]

First “Trailer” For Prometheus Is Here – And It’s Incredible

Thanks to Apple, the first official trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is finally with us. It’s not your typical trailer – that’s still three days away. There are things in this little clip that had me sitting forward, trying to get a better look. I can’t really praise anything more than that. I recognise some […]

Ridley Scott’s Most Revealing Prometheus Interview Yet

Kudos to Erlingur Gretar for his fascinating interview with Ridley Scott regarding the mysteries, philosophies and design of Prometheus. Scott does trot out some of his favourite lines about the film – and acknowledges that he’s doing so – but he also opens up, brilliantly. It’s worth a read, top-to-bottom, for any amount of revelations, […]

A Tiny Fragment Of The Prometheus Trailer

I can verify that this snippet is the real deal, containing as it does, footage from the Comic-Con preview for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. This was posted online by somebody who was given an online preview of the trailer as part of a market research survey. Well, let’s extend that survey to the masses: even though […]

The Big Ideas Of Prometheus – Screenwriter Damon Lindeloff Spills The Beans

Here’s a rich interview, filled with alien gold. Taking time off from pretending that Prometheus is all a big secret, just for a few minutes, Damon Lindelof actually gave some pretty candid answers to MTV‘s questions about the film. And you’ll note that his responses shift towards a focus on the big ideas, the themes […]