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'The Lodge' Gets a New Poster at CinemaCon In Las Vegas

‘The Lodge’ Gets a New Poster at CinemaCon In Las Vegas

Horror film The Lodge has a new poster on display at this years CinemaCon. Our own Kaitlyn Booth is on the ground in Las Vegas and sent if a look at the new poster for the film that held its debut at this past winter’s Sundance Film Festival. It is directed by Veronika Franz and […]

American Woman: First Look at Alicia Silverstone Dramedy Series from 30 Rock’s John Riggi and Shameless’s John Wells

With a little more than two months before American Woman makes its June 7th premiere on the Paramount Network, we’re getting some exclusive first looks at co-creators John Riggi (30 Rock) and John Wells‘s (Shameless) 1970s-set dramedy series. Inspired loosely by the early life of actress/Bravo personality Kyle Richards, the new series stars Alicia Silverstone (Clueless), […]

Defiant Alicia Silverstone Wants Another Shot At Being Batgirl

For most actors, starring in a movie of the caliber of Joel Shumacher’s Batman & Robin would be enough bad superhero movies for a lifetime. Chris O’Donnell hasn’t sought a role in a comic book company’s cinematic universe. Uma Thurman only did My Super Ex-Girlfriend to exorcise the demon of Batman & Robin. George Clooney wouldn’t even think about […]

The Evolution Of Batgirl

Fifty years ago, DC comics showed us the first Batwoman in the form of Kathy Kane. forty-five years ago we got the first Batgirl, but this was Betty Kane. And then in 1966, forty years ago, we got our first look at Barbara Gordon in the now famous costume. The folks at have put together […]