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Enchanted Chest, Oothar the Blue, and Wormwood Saga Collections: Lion Forge May 2018 Solicits

Enchanted Chest and Oothar the Blue are released in hardcover releases, and Wormwood Saga Vol. 1 gets a release. Plus, the Catalyst Prime family of titles continue their superhero packed-action. All this comes courtesy of Lion Forge's May 2018 solicits. More details below. CATALYST PRIME ACCELL #10 MAR181763 (W) Joe Casey (A) Damion Scott, Robert Campanella, Sigmund Torre (CA) ChrisCross, Paul Mounts […]

FCBD Wor World Saga Preview, New Series Infinty 8 and Eternity, and MorLion Forge March 2018 Solicit

Worm World Saga gets a preview issue for Free Comic Book Day 2018. New series Infinity 8, from creators Lewis Trondheim, Zep, and Dominique Bertail, and Eternity, from creators Art Baltazar, Franco, and Chris Giarusso. Graphic novel Puerto Rico Strong, by creators Vita Ayala, Rosa Colon, and Naomi Franquiz, and Lost Path, from creator Amelie Flechais, get releases. Voltron: Legendary Defender Vol. 3 kicks off. Plus, the Catalyst Prime family of books continues with creators such as the talented David […]

Judge Dredd and Mecha-Farm Animals from Rebellion March 2018 Solicits

2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine continue their runs in the upcoming March of 2018 by Rebellion. Each has a slew of writers and artists, and you can check out more details below. As you can see, the Judge Dredd Megazine has mecha-farm animals. 2000 AD PROGS 2071-2074 2071 on sale 7 March 2018 2072 on sale 14 March […]

Alex De Campi Teases Twisted Romance, A New Comic Coming In February

Alex de Campi has teased what appears to be a new comic book anthology series called Twisted Romance, which she says is coming in February. The name is extrapolated from the portions of the title visible in the following image: Unless, of course, the comic is actually titled Fisted Bromance, which would take things in […]

Alex De Campi And Dave Acosta Launch HKMC, A Free Webcomic Starring Frank Castle And Bucky

Legacy, schmegacy! One of the best new comics in the Marvel Universe isn't even published by Marvel. Alex de Campi and Dave Acosta have launched a new webcomic, Hell's Kitchen Movie Club, with a brilliantly simple concept: "Frank Castle and Bucky sit around cleaning weapons & watching/critiquing action films." The context: — Alex de […]

Image Creators Speak Out About Howard Chaykin's Divided States Of Hysteria

Image Comics has yet to comment on the controversy ignited today over the cover to issue #4 of Howard Chaykin's The Divided States Of Hysteria. The graphic cover (view here on Image's website), which shows a brown-skinned man with his genitals mutilated and a racial slur on his shirt hanging by a noose, has been […]

"Conversation" Sparked By Second Print Of 'Divided States Of Hysteria'

In a tweet and press release entitled "CHAYKIN'S THE DIVIDED STATES OF HYSTERIA SPARKS INDUSTRY CONVERSATION", Image Comics responded to the controversy raised last week surrounding Howard Chaykin's The Divided States of Hysteria. The use of "conversation" seems a little trite in this instance — while the comic certainly got people talking, it was pretty much all about […]

A Week In Transphobia In Comics

It's been an interesting first week of Pride Month for comics. Early in the week, in fact pretty much kicking it off, came news that Drawn & Quarterly had cancelled a book, Sadbøi, by artist Berliac due to a historic transphobic essay and comments that were brought to light. Now, on new comic day of […]

Fanboy Rampage: Nazi-Punching The Global Conversation Via Twitter With Nick Spencer, Mags Visaggio, And Alex de Campi After commenting on the jaw-dropping degradation and destruction of the global conversation due to Twitter, superstar writer and man with more than 30,700 tweets took to Twitter to have a global conversation, mostly with writer Anthony Oliveira, though others eventually chimed in, including Quantum Teens Are Go creator Magdalene Visaggio. Below are some excerpts from that […]

"Just As Bloody As The Last" No Mercy's New ARC Begins December 9th

Image's ongoing thrilling drama series No Mercy is launching a new story arc this December. Written by Alex de Campi (Archie vs. Predator), with art by, Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), and colors by Jenn Manley Lee (Dicebox), No Mercy is sure to continue to grab readers attention. Writer Alex de Campi had this to say […]

Alex de Campi And Carla Speed McNeil Bring New Story Arc In No Mercy #5

No Mercy, the on-going Image series from Alex de Campi, Carla Speed McNeil and Jenn Manley Lee is kicking off a new story arc with issue #5 this December where Gina finds her spirit animal. If you're not familiar with the series, Image has sent out this nice little recap paragraph along with a few […]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Lady Zorro #1 By De Campi And Villegas

Here we have Lady Zorro #1 by Alex De Campi and Rey Villegas from Dynamite Entertainment. Lady Zorro is called back to Alta California to recover a sacred Indian war axe, stolen by mercenary soldiers. Only she can stop an all-out bloody war across the ranchos, and more deaths like the one that consumed her […]

No Mercy Is The Most Bingeable TPB Releasing This Week

No Mercy was a comic that I had the pleasure of doing an advance review of in its first issue and I found it very eye-opening, interesting, horrifying, and what's quite rare: unique. Written by the ever daring Alex de Campi and illustrated with great effect by conspirator Carla Speed MacNeil, the comic follows a […]