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The New World #2 cover by Tradd and Heather Moore

The New World #2 Review: Dystopian Romeo and Juliet

The New California government and the Guardians have tracked down Kirby's residence. Logan Maximus and the police are using Kirby's friends to get an in to Kirby's house. President Herod tells Stella that this is her kill, and he is planning on retiring soon and appointing Stella Maris as his replacement. All she needs to […]

Days of Hate #7 cover by Danijel Zezelj

Days of Hate #7 Review: Clarity Problems Don't Undermind the High Quality

Seven weeks have past. Xing has begun seeing Freeman for more recreational purposes. Amanda and Arvid sit in a desolate office building in Pittsburgh. Freeman struggles to balance his time with Xing while hiding it from his family. Arvid begins having terrible nightmares. Days of Hate #7 begins the second half of the maxiseries and […]

The New World #1 cover by Tradd and Heather Moore

The New World #1 Review: Running Man, Judge Dredd, and Robocop Mixed Into One

It is the future. America was hit by five atomic bombs spread across five major cities. The resulting death and destruction left the nation split into a handful of smaller countries. Among them is the New California. It is the strongest and most well-guarded of the new nations carved out of the United States. One […]

Days of Hate #6 cover by Danijel Zezelj

Days of Hate #6 Review: Love in a Time of Hate

Amanda and Xing exchange a few texts before destroying their respective burner phones. Freeman plans for the fallout of the latest attack and his next move to make sure they don't continue. Xing reminisces upon she and Amanda's relationship. Arvid worries about his family's wellbeing. Days of Hate continues to absorb with its characters and […]

Bloodborne #4 cover by Vanesa del Rey

Bloodborne #4 Review: The End of the Hunt

The Hunter and the child find themselves in a fishing village as they search for a boat to take them through the sea. The Hunter receives a cryptic message from Gerhman, and the child falls further ill. It also sees terrible things which the Hunter cannot, and it must help the Hunter navigate these horrors. […]

Bloodborne #3 cover by Piotr Kowalski

Bloodborne #3 Review: Under a Paleblood Sky

The Hunter continues to wander across the land with the Paleblood child. The child continues to exhibit bizarre and unnerving qualities, and the beast is still tracking them across the land. The Hunter is still unsure what the child is and what it can do for the Hunt. Bloodborne continues its trend of low-key and […]

Days of Hate #4 cover by Danijel Zezelj

Days of Hate #4 Review: Beginning to Loose its Edge

Amanda and Arvid approach a meet up point with a third associate, and Freeman pays a visit to Xing's parents. Arvid wants to see his family again and seems ready to leave the mission. Freeman throws many additional veiled threats to Xing and her family. Days of Hate #4 continues this series' odd tendency to […]

Bleeding Cool Comics Chatter, Week of 03/28/18

Bleeding Cool Comics Chatter, Week of 03/28/18: Just Read Terrifics #2 Instead

Bleeding Cool Comics Chatter returns in a timely fashion this week, and we actually talk about comics that came out this week! Applaud us, because I'm bad at keeping schedules and general competence. Jeremy Konrad is my sole co-host this week again (hopefully Eliot will be back soon), and we continue our hot streak of actually staying focused […]

Bloodborne #2 cover by Damien Worm

Bloodborne #2 Review: More Resistant to Newcomers but Still a Beautiful Comic

The Hunter and the Paleblood child make their way to the wilderness, and the Hunter faces down snake beasts before finding a secret passageway to Iosefka's clinic and passing out. Iosefka watches over the child while the Hunter seeks answers from Gerhman in the Hunter's Dream. The first issue of Bloodborne succeeded in its straightforwardness. […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of 03/28/18

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of March 28th, 2018: Dark Doomsday Metal Clock

It's time for the Comics for Your Pull Box! We actually have a pretty packed lineup this week, so let's go ahead and get started. Animosity #13 Marguerite Bennett and Rafael de Latorre's Animosity has been on of AfterShock's best series since it started. The current arc is rising to a fever pitch as the farmers, the hive, and […]

Days of Hate #2 cover by Danijel Zezelj

Days of Hate #2 Review: A Bleak and Visceral Political Drama

After Amanda's attack on the white nationalist dining haven, the U.S is reeling in the fallout. Amanda herself is lying low with her companion, but her ex-wife, Xing, is helping the government track her down. The investigating agent, Freeman, is eager to get the job done. While still leaning heavily into the political allegory, Days […]

James Bond: the body #1

Writer's Commentary – Aleš Kot on James Bond: The Body #1

Dynamite has sent us a new writer's commentary featuring Aleš Kot talking about James Bond: The Body #1, with cover and interiors by Luca Casalanguida. As Bond undergoes a post-mission medical examination, he relays the story of his previous mission to the examiner. Each cut, bruise, and broken bone connected to a specific event of […]

James Bond

Exclusive First Look At Ales Kot's James Bond: The Body #1

Dynamite has sent over an exclusive first look inside the new James Bond: The Body series by Ales Kot and Luca Casalanguida. Kot is the latest artist to take a turn with OO7 since the publisher got the rights to the property. Warren Ellis kicked it off, then they've brought in Andy Diggle, Benjamin Percy, […]

James Bond

Ales Kot To Write James Bond: The Body For Dynamite

Writer Ales Kot, best know for his work on Zero and Secret Avengers, has been tapped to do a new James Bond six-issue miniseries for Dynamite Entertainment. The new series, James Bond: The Body, will feature six original story lines that will unite the full series together. As Bond undergoes a post-mission medical examination, he relays […]