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Alan Wake

Microsoft Controls Whether Alan Wake and Quantum Break Get Sequels, Says Remedy

Remedy has been out talking about its IPs, saying that it never made sequels to Alan Wake or Quantum Break because they are in the hands of Microsoft. Alan Wake and, to some degree, Quantum Break have become cult-y favourites of many. Remedy Entertainment is well known for its single-player third-person narratively focused games, with […]

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Remedy’s Newest Game Codenamed ‘P7’ Will Release in 2019

Remedy’s new project which is currently referred to as “codenamed P7”, is slated for a 2019 release. Remedy are best known for their Max Payne series, but they’re also the folks behind Quantum Break and Alan Wake. The third-person action game was referenced in the company’s financial statement and is currently in production, and progressing according to plans. Not that we […]

On This Day In Pop Culture History For February 16

Welcome to Day in History here at Bleeding Cool, where we will be looking at important comics/film/tv/whatever is interesting facts for the date at hand! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool. So, without further ado: Here are some things that have happened on February 16: 1878- The silver dollar becomes […]

Alan Wake

Alan Wake’s Return Is Not A Seqeul For The Game

Not so long ago, I reported that Alan Wake’s Return was spotted as a registered trademark, leaving many to speculate this could be a long asked about sequel game. Well, Wake fans, allow me to break your hearts. It turns out this is just a show inside the Quantum Break reality, more of an easteregg than […]

Possible ‘Alan Wake’s Return’ Trademark Filed

Alan Wake has been popping up a lot recently, as Remedy come to the release of Quantum Break and look forward. The franchise has become a bit of a cult classic now, and there is certainly more than a handful of people people asking for a new one and Remedy haven’t been too shy about […]

Alan Wake Sequel Was Discussed After First Game And Could Be In A Better Place Now

Alan Wake has quite a niche following. It wasn’t a knock out blockbuster, but the game certainly has a lot of fans. A possible sequel has been speculated by the audience for a long time, but Remedy Entertainment instead threw their chips in with the upcoming Quantum Break. However, as reported by DualShockers, creative director Sam Lake was […]

Xbox Head Says Alan Wake 2 Will Be Talked About In The Future

At the moment, Remedy Entertainment are hard at work on Quantum Break, which is due out fairly soon. The studio is most certainly sitting on another franchise that many people really, really liked. Alan Wake was a bit of a cult winner when it came out, and has only gathered a fan base as people […]

An Alan Wake Xbox One Port Has Been Discussed By The Developer

I never played Remedy’s Alan Wake, but the divisiveness of the title isn’t lost on me. It seems very much like a love it or hate it kind of game and those are always the most interesting ones. I might have a reason to jump into it soon too. Speaking to Polygon when contemplating an Xbox […]