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Mondo Jurassic Park Poster

Jurassic Park Gets a New Mondo Poster Release Today

Jurassic Park is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opening in theaters on Friday, Mondo is celebrating with a new poster release from the film that started it all. The new poster features the dig from the beginning of the film, with Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler digginf up a […]

Jurassic Park Collectors: This is the Diorama You Have Been Waiting For

Jurassic Park fans and collectors: this is your moment. The most iconic scene in the entire series of films is becoming a gorgeous diorama statue from Iron Studios. There will be two statues making up the diorama. One will feature Ian Malcom and Alan Grant outside their jeep waving flares and standing in awe of […]

jurassic world figures

Let's Take a Look at Some Jurassic World Figures! Part 1: Humans

Jurassic World dinos and figures are on stores shelves now, and we scoured the stores to get our hands on some of the coolest offerings in Mattel's new line. From oversized dinosaurs to the humans they are trying to eat over the last four films, we have a little bit of everything to show you. […]

Fairly OK Heroes: Judge Dredd The Cape And Cowl Crimes

Judge Dredd is one of comic books most bad ass heroes. He's not super by any means, but that doesn't matter. In Judge Dredd: The Cape and Cowls Crimes he goes head to head with a few other superhero parodies in this book, each funnier than the last. The first story, "Fairly HyperMan" is a great […]

On This Day In Pop Culture History For February 7

Welcome to a new column here at Bleeding Cool, where we will be looking at important comics/film/tv/whatever interesting facts for the date at hand! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool. So, without further ado: Here are some things that have happened on February 7: The first game of Monopoly […]

From Strip To Script – Judge Dredd: Greatest Single Panel In Comics?

By Josh Hechinger Welcome once more to From Strip to Script, where I reverse-engineer a script from a finished page of someone else's comic. Now, I've been trying to hop around various types of comics with these so, and here's where I sell European comics profoundly short by just doing a bit on Judge Dredd: […]

DC Comics To Revive Shadow Of The Bat

Batman: Shadow of the Bat was a comic that ran from 1992 to 2000, telling Batman continuity stories alongside Detective Comics and Batman, which specialised in examining the psyche of the various cast members of the Batcomics. It was mostly written by Alan Grant. And it looks like it's coming back. DC Comics attourney Megan […]

Preview: Alan Grant's Tales Of The Buddha Before He Became Enlightened

Renegade Arts Entertainment are very pleased to announce that they will be publishing the first ever complete collection of Alan Grant, Jon Haward, & Jamie Grant's long running humor strip Tales Of The Buddha Before He Became Enlightened. Originally running in Wasted magazine, around twenty strips never saw the light of day, and this volume […]

When Gaiman, Millar, Milligan, Abnett And Grant Wrote Judge Dredd Prose Stories…

Rebellion have launched a 2000AD ebook containing short prose stories by Neil Gaiman, Mark Millar, Peter Miligan, Dan Abnett, Alan Grant and more. Originally appearing in 2000AD and Judge Dredd annuals, they have never been reprinted until now. The story by Neil Gaiman that gives the book its title, Sweet Justice, is one of his […]

Alan Grant Tells The Anglo American War – From Canada's Point Of View

In April, to coincide with the bicentennial of the Anglo-American War of 1812, Renegade Arts Entertainment are publishing a graphic novel by Batman and Dredd writer Alan Grant, Claude St Aubin and Lovern Kindzierski, The Loxley's and the War of 1812. The story follows the Loxley's, a Canadian family living in the Niagara peninsula as […]

Preview: Spirit Of Hope

I've written a short one page piece with artist Mike Collins for the upcoming Spirit Of Hope anthology from Comic Book Alliance, to raise money for victims of the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. Edited by Alan Cowsill, Spirit of Hope has two covers, one by Jimmy Broxton, the other by Mike Allred. Creators […]

Garth Ennis – When 2000AD Was The Future

This seems like as good a time as any to acknowledge a rather large debt. A creative one, to be precise. To what you might call a kind of great-great-grandfather once removed, whose bastard descendants include Preacher, Hitman, The Boys, Wormwood, The Pro, Kev, Barracuda, Dicks and more; whose barebones characterization, dark humour and intense […]