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Acts of Evil - Another Marvel Event Launching in July?

Acts of Evil – Another Marvel Event Launching in July?

Marvel is teasing yet another event coming this Summer, adding to an already full event slate. Marvel editor Chris Robinson, along with several other editors, posted the following teaser image on Twitter with no explanation: So what is Acts of Evil? Allow us to take a stab at it. Acts of Vengeance was a 1989 […]

DC Comics Brings On The Bad Guys Next Year

Bleeding Cool has learnt from a number of sources that DC Comics’ Next Big Thing will be a focus on the villains of the DC Universe, and introducing a raft of bad guy characters to books, many of whom will be making their debut in the New 52. Different villains will be assigned to different […]

Is This A Fake? Or Is It The Real John Byrne?

John Byrne posted, warning people of a seller selling work that, according to John Byrne was not his. He wrote; Sharp eyes among you will recognize it as based on a promo piece I did for the “Acts of Vengeance” crossover. But that’s ALL it is, “based on”, as in copied from. There’s no work […]

Marvel Continues To Collect The Eighties/Nineties

After a decade of deliberately ignoring their eighties and nineties works, Marvel have recently reaped the benefits of both big hardcovers and trades collecting past crossover events such as Secret Wars I and II, Inferno, X-Tinction Agenda, Acts Of Vengeance, Atlantis Attacks and Onslaught, while also spinning off a number of sequels in their monthly […]