Acquisitions Inc.

Acquisitions Inc.: The C-Team Confirmed for D&D Live 2019

Acquisitions Inc.: The C-Team Confirmed for D&D Live 2019

D&D Live 2019 is slowly becoming bigger as we're now seeing some of the rumored names finally be added, like Acquisitions Inc.: The C-Team who will be playing a live game. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Acquisitions Inc. would be represented in some form at the event since Penny Arcade and Dungeons […]

Acquisitions Inc. is Coming to Neverwinter on Console

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced the console launch of Neverwinter: the Heart of Fire which features Penny Arcade's Acquisitions Incorporated. Acqusitions Inc. is a fictional adventurers guild for Dungeons & Dragons created by Penny Arcade founder Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, which has spawned several different D&D campaigns, all of which are streamed for fans to watch. […]

A Decade Being On-Brand: A Chat With Acquisitions Incorporated

While there are many influential podcasts in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons, by far the most recognizable is probably Acquisitions Incorporated. The show was conceived by Penny Arcade founders Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, with D&D's Christopher Perkins hosting as DM, and a rotating cast of players filling the other roles (Patrick Rothfuss, Morgan Webb, […]

Acquisitions Incorporated Comes to Neverwinter in a New Adventure

Neverwinter is about to get a little more on-brand as the crew of Acquisitions Incorporated will be the highlight of the next adventure. "The Heart of Fire" is a brand-new module coming on November 6th in which you'll be interacting with members like Jerry Holkins as Omin Dran, Mike Krahulik as Jim Darkmagic, and Amy Falcone […]

Acquisitions Inc. and Dice, Camera, Action Announce Crossover Event

For those of you who love to watch Dungeons & Dragons streams on Twitch, you're going to get a major crossover event in a few weeks. Today, at the start of Dice, Camera, Action on D&D's Twitch channel, Elyssa Grant and Anna Posser Robinson announced that the show would be holding a two-day event with Acquisitions Incorporated: […]

Preparing To Be Annihilated With Acquisitions Incorporated At PAX West

Short version: There's a lot of parties after off-site awesomeness at PAX West. It would be easy to sit here and brag about all the stuff I got to go to that had nothing to do with the primary convention, but the best experience of the four days we were in Seattle was the live performance/taping […]