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So What Does Bradley Whitford Have to Say About 'The West Wing' Reboot?

There has been a lot of talk of revisiting landmark television series The West Wing in some capacity, either as a reboot or a continuation. The talk has come from former members of the cast, as well as series creator and writer Aaron Sorkin. It's no secret that Sorkin wouldn't mind revisiting the series, "if […]

So What Does Richard Schiff Have to Say About 'The West Wing' Reboot?

Could 2019 be the year of The West Wing reboot? The current political climate would most definitely lend to plenty of material for series creator Aaron Sorkin to pull from. Not to mention, a revisit of the critically acclaimed series seems to be on everyone's mind recently, including some of the main cast. Like Richard Schiff, who played White House […]

Bad News for 'Trial of Chicago 7' Aaron Sorkin Film

It would appear that Aaron Sorkin's upcoming film project Trial of the Chicago 7 is NOT happening, and we're pretty sad about it. The Hollywood Reporter says that Amblin Entertainment has pulled their financial backing from the film, forcing a shutdown of production, before the cameras started rolling. Trial of the Chicago 7 was going to chronicles the […]

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Aaron Sorkin Would Love to Revisit 'The West Wing'

Dear Aaron Sorkin– we need The West Wing now more than ever, and a revisit would be most welcome in this current political climate. The return of Sam, what the future will hold for Toby and Andy's kids, and the Bartlets. Please? Pretty please? *** We're making this plea because Sorkin did a stop on talk […]

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Aaron Sorkin on Adapting "To Kill A Mocking Bird" For the Stage

Aaron Sorkin is one of the undisputed KINGS of written dialog, and when word came down that he was adapting Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mocking Bird" (voted #1 in PBS's The Great American Read) for the stage, our interest was peaked. Wordsmith behind some of the best written [FIGHT. ME] tv series of modern times- The […]

Aaron Sorkin's 'Trial of the Chicago 7' May Star Sacha Baron Cohen

While we'll never get to see what COULD HAVE BEEN with Sacha Baron Cohen's Freddie Mercury biopic, we will get to see the actor tackle an Aaron Sorkin-directed (and written) film. Sorkin has already written the script for Trial of the Chicago 7, which chronicles the 7 Americans taken to court by the United States on the basis […]

Westwood, CA, USA; June 28, 2012; Martin Sheen arriving to the premiere of 'The Amazing Spiderman'.

Martin Sheen Says Playing President Bartlet Again Would Be "Very Satisfying"

Martin Sheen, who played President Josiah Bartlet on NBC's acclaimed and much-missed political drama series The West Wing, has said returning to the role would be very satisfying. In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times about the upcoming CNN special series The Kennedys, which Sheen is producing and narrating, the actor commented on the possibility. "In […]

Molly's Game Review: Jessica Chastain Commands Your Attention

Molly's Game feels like the film Aaron Sorkin has been building up to for his entire career. Blending real-life stories with stylized productions has been a staple of films he has written for years. The Social Network, Charlie Wilson's War, Moneyball — even back to his television shows The West Wing and Sports Night. All of […]

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Aaron Sorkin's Directorial Debut 'Molly's Game' Moves To Christmas Day

Aaron Sorkin's directorial debut, Molly's Game, has been moved back a month. Instead of opening the day before Thanksgiving, it will now open in limited release on Christmas Day… then a wide release on January 5th. It's likely the limited release is to make the film eligible for awards season. Molly's Game is based on the […]

'Molly's Game' And 'The Happytime Murders' Get Release Dates

STXfilms announced release dates for two their production according to Variety and one of them has been in development hell for years. Aaron Sorkin, best known for his contributions to television you have watched before, made his drectorial debut at the Cannes Film Festival this year with a movie called Molly's Game. It stars Jessica […]

Kurt Cobain, Aaron Sorkin, And Other Influences Behind 'Final Fantasy XV'

It's awesome when something from the past can become a major influence on a story and you not even realize it until it's pointed to you. Some inspiration is obvious, some are subtle, and some you just can't see. So it probably came as a great surprise during GDC yesterday when Final Fantasy XV's lead […]

Tread Perilously Podcast — The Newsroom: Oh Shenandoah

Tread Perilously makes its first trip into the wild world of Aaron Sorkin with an episode he had to call "Oh Shenandoah." To be honest, we're not completely sure why he did that. While Will sits in the clink and refuses to give up his source, Charlie Skinner continues the relentless march toward Twitter integration […]

Michael Fassbender Outlines A Tectonic Shift in New Steve Jobs Trailer

Universal released a new trailer for the upcoming film Steve Jobs, in which Michael Fassbender plays the brilliant, but extremely difficult Apple co-founder. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XEh7arNSms[/youtube] Well, that certainly looks like its worth a watch. As I understand it, the film centers around three key Apple product launches, but it appears to also tell a lot of […]

Cate Blanchett Cast As Lucille Ball

The Wrap reports versatile actress Cate Blanchett is attached to play legendary TV comedian Lucille Ball written by Newsroom creator and Steve Jobs screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. According to the report, the film will "chronicle Ball's 20-year marriage to Desi Arnaz, with whom she starred on the classic TV sitcom I Love Lucy." When I was a boy, […]

Michael Fassbender Thinks Different In New Steve Jobs Poster

Universal sent over this new poster image for the forthcoming Steve Jobs, starring Michael Fassbender as the Apple mastermind, Seth Rogen as computer wunderkind and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and Kate Winslet as Joanna Hoffman, a member of the original Macintosh team. Written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, the film paints a […]

First Look At Steve Jobs Bio-Pic From Danny Boyle And Aaron Sorkin

Universal and Legendary have released the first look teaser trailer for the upcoming bio-pic Steve Jobs. The film is directed by Danny Boyle, written by Aaron Sorkin and stars Michael Fassbender, Seth Rogen, Kate Winslett and Jeff Daniels. Steve Jobs will be in theaters October 9th. [youtube]https://youtu.be/IeOxo7o9T8Q[/youtube]

Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Series Of 2014

Once upon a time this would have been called best TV Series, but the world has definitely changed and the dynamic shift from traditional networks to cable and to Internet-only shows has forever changed the rules of the game. Now we can binge watch series whole seasons at a time as soon as they release. […]

Trailer For Final Season Of Newsroom Just Released

The final season of Newsroom is a little over a month away and HBO has just released a trailer. The Aaron Sorkin series will be back for six-episodes to wrap it up and will include the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Wiki-leaks story. Newsroom stars Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Allison Pill, Sam Waterston, Olivia Munn, […]

The Newsroom Gets Premiere Date For Final Season

The third and final season of Aaron Sorkin's news network drama The Newsroom will only be six episodes long and HBO has announced it will debut on November 9th. Returning for the final season are stars: Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston, John Gallagher, Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, Dev Patel and Olivia Munn. Debuting after […]