Aaron Gillespie

‘What Can I Say? I’m A Sadist.’ – Aaron Gillespie Talks Purgatori

As the new Dynamite series Purgatori moves into its second issue, the character is being drawn into a very bad situation. Byron Brewer caught up with series writer Aaron Gillespie to talk to him about where he’s taking the series and why he’s got it in for the winged woman. BYRON BREWER: Aaron, for this […]

Purgatori Gets Her Own Series As Chaos Titles Continue To Expand With Dynamite

Dynamite’s Chaos! Universe is expanding one again to include a new series for Purgatori. This comes on the heels of the Chaos! series by Tim Seeley that brought the characters back and the recently released Chastity series by Mark Andreyko. The new series will be written by Aaron Gillespie and interior art by Javier Garcia Miranda […]

Matt Wagner Talks Steaks, Pulps And The Evil The Lurks In The Hearts Of Men

Matt Wagner is one of the legends of the comic industry, the dual threat of writer and artist. Aaron Gillespie chatted with him about steaks, pulps and the evil that lurks in the hearts of men. AARON GILLESPIE: What’s the best side to order at Mortons? MATT WAGNER: HA!  Interesting way to start an interview…a subject […]

Daniel Abraham Reveals How To Adapt Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones was already a hugely popular novel series before HBO turned it into must watch television. Dynamite Entertainment has bee adapting the series for comics and has Daniel Abraham, novelist and oft collaborator with George RR Martin doing the adapting. Aaron Gillespie chatted with Abraham to talk about working with Martin and how he […]

Steve Niles Talks Army Of Darkness And What To Watch For Halloween

With it being the Halloween season, who better to sit down and chat with than Horror Master Steve Niles? Aaron Gillespie sat down with Steve to talk about Army of Darkness from Dynamite Entertainment. AARON GILLESPIE: Steve, with Halloween coming up, can you give me a great obscure horror movie recommendation? STEVE NILES: This time […]