Rumor Mill: Possible Guest Characters For SoulCalibur VI Leaked

The latest gossip from the rumor mill this week centers around SoulCalibur VI, as a post from an anonymous user on 4Chan claims to have information about several characters that will be released for the game as alternate costumes and DLC characters. According to the thread, three of the DLC characters that will be included in the […]

Illuminated Wars, The Secret Wars Parody, To Run Exclusively On 4Chan

Bleeding Cool has highlighted the Illuminating Comics parody comic on Tumblr, mixing and mashing up Marvel comics for comic effect. Brilliant when avoiding their unhealthy obsession with Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel, they have begun their long-awaited take on Secret Wars. Currently running Road To Illuminated Wars, they have also taken the decision to run the […]

Are These Massive Spoilers For X-Men In 2016? Or Just 4chan/co Fan-Fic?

On Wednesday we talked about the gulf between Uncanny X-Men #600, with Cyclops as the savour of mutantkind and Extraordinary X-Men #1, with him as the enemy of all.   There were two instances of crowd scenes in Washington around the Monument that were the polar opposite of each other. But what caused such a dramatic […]

Tako Vs. 4Chan On DC's June Solicitations – Batman And Ra's Al Ghul

Yesterday, we ran news on Infinity Man And The Forever People, a title that seemed to have been been semi-predicted in a post a week ago by an anonymous poster on the popular forum 4chan, along with a bunch of other projects. We didn't run that rumour at the time, unlike some, because I wasn't […]

Welcome To… Frank Face

Steve Dillon does like to use his Frank Castle face whenever possible. But what if Steve Dillon took "Frank Face" to other properties? That's what 4chan/co asked their members. And this is what they got back!

What If… Grant Morrison Had Hair?

Grant Morrison is one of the more recognisable bald men in comics. The angle of his head, his cheekbones, it's unlikely he'd be mistaken for Brian Bendis, say. But 4chan/co decided that enough was enough. And they decided they were going to do their best to rectify the situation…

The New DCU Rumours That Were Nothing More

Yesterday on 4chan/co, an anonymous individual claiming to be a DC insider spilt a lot of information. From an ongoing Grant Morrison/Alex Ross New Gods series, to exactly when Barbara Gordon was Batgirl. That Bryan Q Miller was lined up to write Teen Titans from issue fie. That the Blue Beetle, original Question, and Ray […]

UPDATE: DC Viral Marketer Appears To Slip Up?

It's hard being a viral marketer these days. The pressure of creating so many separate online identities, keeping all your IP addresses different, creating distinct personalities, never mixing them up and never, never, never accidentally cutting and pasting a list of your viral marketing instructions into your post praising Grant Morrison's work, acclaiming DC and […]