Manga Studio Debut 4 At 74% Off On Amazon Lightning Deal

Get in, get out, Manga Studio Debut 4 is currently on Amazon.com for $13, that’s $37 off the $50 retail price. Wonderful for any budding comic creator. Fill your boots… Here’s the bumf; Manga Studio Debut 4.0 is your all-in-one solution for stunning, ready-to-publish manga and comics. Invigorate your artwork using color, express motion using […]

Ultimate Fallout #4 Gets Second.. Second Print

Ultimate Fallout #4 featuring the first appearance of Miles Morales is getting a second print. Nothing too unexpected about that. But Marvel are encouraging retailers to order high. And those that order 50% of their original first print order for the second print, will get free copies of this second… second printing. Variant. Whatever. Those […]

The Superhero With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Tonight on Channel 4 in Britain, a documentary The Superheroes Of Suburbia made by Christian Watt looked at British real life superheroes and found, as with all superheroes, their Achilles heel. Or in one case, his Achilles digestive system. Will, who works in finance, in sleepy south coastal town of Torquay’s only real life superhero, […]

Advance Review: Flashpoint #4 by Geoff Johns And Andy Kubert

There’s a twentieth century experience that I’m unfamiliar with, personally that is. Watching the television or listening to the radio in the belief that you may hear about your impending death. Both in World War II and during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Britain and America experienced that feeling, the knowledge that the next hours may […]

Fear Itself #4 Vs Flashpoint #3 – Wednesday Comics Review

Two books. Two big company event crossovers. Very different stories. But quite a bit of confusion. In Flashpoint, we have a severly burnt Flash trying to regain his powers and putting the band back together, even if some of them don’t seem to exist any more. Which means finding a very different Superman indeed. I […]

Preview: Fear Itself #4

Here’s a worldess preview to the next issue of the maga-event crossover from Marvel. Fear Itself #4, by Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen, out later this month. Note how the fall of Thor to Earth rather mirrors that in the recent movie…

PREVIEW: League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1969 In Comic Heroes #4

Comcic Heroes #5 is published by Future Publishing tomorrow. And as well as a free copy of Boom!’s The Traveller, a preview of Infinite Vacation, Warren Ellis opining on the future of webcomics, interviews with Mark Waid, Adi Granov, Bryan Hitch and Walt Simonson, is an piece with Kevin O’Neill, and a look at some […]