SDCC 2019: 40+ Pics Form the Icon Heroes and 3A Displays

Icon Heroes has become one of the major players in the statue market right now, and they have been doing absolutely stunning work. Not only have they been doing franchises that don't usually have regular releases, but they do both highest of high end products and smaller, more wallet friendly lines without dipping quality. Icon […]

Bumblebee 3A Hasbro Statue 16

Bumblebee Deluxe Figure on the Way From 3A and Hasbro in 2019

Bumblebee is getting a new, very expensive deluxe figure based on his appearance in next months film from 3A and Hasbro. The figure will stand at eight inches tall and features over 50 points of articulation. The figure features an incredibly detailed sculpt, LED eyes, three sets of hands, attachable folded and out wings, two […]

Batman Steel Detective 3A Figure 1

Batman Steel Age Figure Designed by Ashley Wood Up for Order Now

Batman has a new figure up for order right now from 3A. The Steel Age Steel Detective Batman is designed by Ashley Wood and is the forth and final version of 3A's DC Steel Age Batman figure. This one features Bruce in a more classic blue and gray with a yellow utility belt. The figure […]

Shaolin Cowboy 3

Shaolin Cowboy Gets The Coolest Figure Imaginable From 3A

Shaolin Cowboy has a pretty awesome fanbase, and now they are being rewarded for that passion. 3A has a new 1/6th scale figure celebrating Geof Darrow and his crazy cowboy. Geof Darrow x ThreeA THE SHAOLIN COWBOY 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure Series Officially Licensed by Geof Darrow Approximately 12inch tall THE SHAOLIN COWBOY Features: ● […]

Six Inches Of Sam Slade Robo-Hunter From 3A And Rebellion, With Plenty More To Come

From 3A, a 1/12th scale statue of Sam Slade: Robo-Hunter, overseen by Ashley Wood, based on the artwork of Ian Gibson. With similar editions of Hammerstein, Judge Dredd, the Lawmaster, Judge Fear, and more to follow… The name's Slade, Sam Slade! That's S-L-A-Y-E-D to you! The wry curmudgeon created by John Wagner and Ian Gibson is […]

Ashley Wood Designs $200 Ultron Doll For 3A

Here's the 3A statue of Ultron, designed by Ashley Wood, in Classic, Stealth and Ghost editions, each 13 inches tall, fully posable with articulated fingers, and plated armour. Oh and his eyes, mouth, chest and back thrusters all light up. $220 including shipping worldwide. For that price it should be made from adamantium…