More Comic Stores Open Than Close In 2013

You’ll often see news of a comic store closure on Bleeding Cool. But what’s the big picture? At last year’s ComicsPRO retailer summit, Diamond Comic Distributors stated that comics sales in 2012 increased 16% from 2011′s figures, graphic novels increased 13%, merchandise increased 9% and total sales were up, a total increase of 14%. Oh […]

Marvel Takes 2013 Comics Marketshare Prize – But Not By Much

We tried to work out the top ten comics for 2013 sold to North America through Diamond Comic Distributors… and we got it fairly close. A few in the wrong order in the middle. Here’s the official chart below. Sales were up in 2013 on 2012, 9.04% in total, split between a rise of 10.22% […]

The Seventeen Best Of The Best Of The Comics For 2013 List

What happens if you take a bunch of Best Of Comics 2013 Lists from Amazon.com, Uproxx, Washington Post, Salon, Wired, AV Club, Time, Paste Magazine, CBR, Vice, io9, News OK, Digital Spy, Crave Online, Filth + Fabulations, Village Voice, Hollywood Reporter, Good Reads, Serial Optimist, Comics Alliance, What Culture, Newsarama and even Bleeding Cool? Then […]

Plenty Of 2013’s Best Movie Posters

Here, in reverse chronological order, are a number of 2013's more interesting posters. I selected these because I thought they communicated an interesting idea quickly or with great efficiency.

The 13th Annual Rumour Awards 2013 – Time To Nominate!

Lucky for some. Unlucky for everyone else. Okay, it’s another year, it’s another chance to nominate your favourites for the various different Rumour Awards categories. I’ll add my own, as will other Bleeding Cool contributors, and then come Boxing Day, we vote, with results on New Year’s Day. While other site will have “best comic” […]

The DC Comics Swapathon Of 2013

We’ve already heard that Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have left Flash for Detective Comics. And John Layman and Jay Fabok have moved on to… other DC projects. But no, not Catwoman. I understand there may be a lot of this. That DC Comics is launching some kind of Swapathon, where teams leave one book […]

Gendercrunching June 2013 by Tim Hanley – Marvel, DC And The Top 300

Tim Hanley writes; DC slipped down slightly while Marvel made a sizeable jump to retain the highest total of female creators yet again. We also take a look at the Top 300 comics from June and dig into how the Big Two compare to the rest of the comics industry. DC COMICS It was an […]

Seven New Issue Ones From Image Comics In November

“Stan Lee grew up reading Superman and Batman comics, but he didn’t say, “When I get into comics, I’ve got the ultimate Batman story I want to write one day.” It was, “Hey, comics is an incredible place to make new things so that’s what I’m going to go do.”” – Brian K Vaughan Make […]

Harley Quinn #0 Launches – And Other November 2013 Solicitations From DC

The DC solicitations for November are eeking out. One interesting aspect of the Zero Year crossover is that by telling early character stories, it gets away from revealing what may have happened to lots of the superheroes after Forever Evil. Until tomorrow at least. We get the new Harley Quinn monthly comic, starting with an […]